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first of all - thanks for the congrats on AC! i'm super thrilled and honored that i get to design for them again!

i posted this on my photography blog and figured i'd share here too. fairs = SUPER FUN!

i'm still making my way through my personal photos from the last few months, and keep finding fun ones to share with y'all. :) earlier this summer, i took a little trip to san diego. while i was there, the fair happened to be going on, amy suggested that we spend an afternoon there.

i love fairs. the colors and the vibe are super fun and perfect for photos. so of course i spent some time walking around the carnival area snapping photos of all the rides!

we got to go on some of the rides (the superslide and the super high swing, which is the first photo) which was fun too!

i ran some vintage actions on this shot. i kinda really love the feel. i'm thinking of putting these as a set of prints on etsy. what do you think? :)

my other favorite part of the fair is the fatty foods. you only get to indulge like this once in awhile, so why not, right? :) hehe. amanda and i split an onion bloom and a turkey leg, which was enormous. both were tasty though :) amy had some BBQ chicken, and felt inadequate when she compared the size of the drumsticks, but then came out the winner when amanda and i were totally defeated by the turkey leg. EPIC FAIL.

speaking of indulgence, fairs = deep-fried crazy foods. so far, i've tried deep-fried twinkies (super delicious), deep-fried coke (it's just deep-fried batter. undewhelmed), deep-fried oreos (YUM), and a krispy kreme chicken sandwich (not fried, but they sell it in the deep-fried booth. this was surprisingly delicious!). the deep-fried item getting all the buzz this year (there's always one every year!) was ....



i kid you not. sounds gross, right? yeah, i thought so too. then someone told me that it was NOT a deep-fried stick of butter like everyone thinks upon hearing the words "deep-fried butter" (it would be physically impossible anyhow). it's actually melted butter that's been injected into a churro-type of pastry, which is then fried. it's topped with whipped cream, and served on a bed of more churro thingies.

(the photo on the right is taken by amanda)

the verdict? it was pretty amazing...although my arteries are now clogged for life, and it made me feel lethargic for several hours afterwards.

all in all, a super fun day! can't wait to hit up another fair sometime soon! :)


Diana Albright said…
the carnival ride photos are gorgeous but i refuse to look at the food!

btw, congrats on AC DT! hugs.
nadine said…
oh! congrats on the acdt! that is very, very exciting and i am very, very jealous!
Trude said…
Fairs are the best! Love that series, you should totally put it on Etsy! We've gone to the LA County fair a few years in a row now, SO awesome. Really just for the food and to pet the goats, I don't trust those rides! :)
Jennifer said…
Love your photos of the fair! comparing to mine doesn't even look like we went to the same one! You should definitely put them on Etsy!
~Sasha Farina~ said…
shoot! i want that deep fried butter thingy..
~Sasha Farina~ said…
and oh girl.. CONGRATS!!! you're perfect for AC..
Dianne said…
Your pictures of the fair rides are really, really nice. They look like something that could easily be used commercially... I'm into PS also but have never explored actions others than those I've created myself.
Anyway, very impressive.
I'm also in Ventura. I did a search of that and your older Ventura Fair lo popped up!

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