well you'd like to think that you were invincible, yeah

i had a SUPER duper foodie week last week. once in awhile, i get an email from someone asking for my recommendations on things to see/do/eat in san francisco, so i thought i'd make this post so that i can refer people to it. since i went to a lot of my absolute favorite SF food spots and discovered some new favorites at some point last week (mostly occurring last weekend), i thought now was a good time :) another one on touristy things to do around the city will come soon (like whenever i get around to editing the many photos from nadine's visit last month. yes, i'm slow. don't judge.)

so 7x7 magazine (a local magazine) has a big eat SF list - a list of 100 things to try before you die. it's updated yearly. i'm not sure i'll get to all 100 during the year, but am trying to get to as many spots as i can :) i got a bunch crossed off last week! and some places i'd been to but don't like what they're recommending, so i'm just crossing it off the list anyhow.

ok. to begin.

kp was in town from NYC early last week, so may and i had lunch with her. we hit up the slanted door, which is a pretty well known vietnamese fusion place.

may ordered the pork chops (and the milk ice dessert), which was delicious. kp and i got noodles and kind of just shared them. the crab noodles happened to be on the list when i went to check it later. go us. they were delicious as well, and so were the steak noodles! definitely wanting to go back at some point!

here's a group photo that i stole from may:

(ok that was off-topic. moving on)

amy came into town for the weekend to visit dan (her boyfriend, duh), and leonard (dan's friend from high school and his old roommate) hung out with us also. anytime she's around it's time to EAT. the first night she was in town, we went to a giants game and leonard offered to pick us up on sandwiches from ike's on the way.

their sandwiches are pretty insane and really unique. the 7x7 list has the menage a trois on it, but i went for the we're JUST friends and since i'm not crazy about what's on the former, i'm just going to cross ike's off the list. too bad they're shutting down the SF location soon too, boo.

after the game, we went to candybar for dessert and drinks. i first heard of and went to this place while nadine was in town, and i was able to score a groupon-type deal for it. we really enjoyed it and i was glad to be back! i got the strawberry lime this time (top left photo), and the other three pics are from last time (flourless chocolate cake, red velvet, and panna cotta).

the next day,we headed to the ferry building for lunch. the ferry building is one of my favorite food spots in SF...everyone who comes into town, i take them there. mostly everything is grab and go style (except maybe the slanted door and marketbar), relatively inexpensive (again, except maybe the slanted door and marketbar), and GOOD. i've never had anything that WASN'T good at the ferry building.

i got some lemongrass and pork from out the door (which is the cheaper, takeout version of the slanted door), leonard got a proscuitto sandwich from the roli roti stand at the ferry building going on outside (every saturday morning). it happened to be on the list - i didn't know about this until he got it (after waiting in line for 40 MINUTES), so i'll have to try it at some point! the rest of the people in our party got a seafood breakfast burrito at the fish company which they said was also delicious. see, can't go wrong with anything. other favorites of mine from the ferry building: the pot pie from the golden gate meat company, delica, treats from miette, and lattes from blue bottle coffee, which i waited in line for 30 minutes that morning. no lie. SO worth it (if you follow me on twitter, perhaps you've heard me raving about it).

afterwards, we roamed chinatown and got some egg tarts and buns at one of the bakeries there but i don't have any photos of them. we intended to hit up golden gate bakery, which is supposed to have the best egg tarts in the city (also on the 7x7 list), but they were closed that day. boo hiss. MUST go back. especially because i'm trying to find spots in chinatown to use for shoots :)

we then hopped on a cable car and headed out to ghirardelli square, where we stopped into kara's. it's my favorite cupcake spot in the city, but i prefer the marina location because it's less crowded. speaking of the marina, a new place called susiecakes opened up fairly recently, and i am liking their cuppies as well!

then we headed out to fisherman's wharf. normally i really hate this area, but even this bitter local to admit that the bread bowl clam chowder there is delicious, especially on a chilly day (which is always)...

the next day was a SUPER delicious day. we started off in the mission, where we waited in line at tartine:

we got the morning buns, which are super popular and also on the 7x7 list. they are kind of like a cross between a cinnamon bun (but not really) and a croissant, with sweet orange glaze and cinnamon sugar. YUMMMMM. we consumed those on premises, and got some bread pudding (also supposed to be good), lemon tarts (which are on a separate 7x7 list) and eclairs (leonard's recommendations) and ate those at various other points during the day (the bread pudding was scarfed down while we were eating ice cream at bi-rite, the tart and eclair at a starbucks in sausalito later int he day).

then we headed next door to pizzeria delfina. i'd been wanting to try it for awhile, so it was the perfect opportunity. their margherita pizza is on the 7x7 list and it was super tasty. yum yum. we also ordered the proscuitto pie, which was also yummy!

next, we headed down the street to bi-rite creamery for ice cream. the best part about the mission? a. it has LOTS of good food, and b. a lot of it is clustered together in the same few block radius.

i first tried the salted caramel during nadine's visit and i officially declared it the BEST ICE CREAM EVER. i still stand by that. it's also on the 7x7 list. prior to trying the salted caramel, i'd triad and was fond of the orange cardamom and lavender honey. really, anything is good here but the salted caramel is the best.

we then decided to drive out to sausalito since it was a nice day and amy had never been on the golden gate bridge. on the way, we picked up these chicken wings from san tung (also on the 7x7 list, and recommended by amy's friend in san diego)...

we at them while on the "beach" at fort baker in marin. they were also delicious! dan said they were his favorite thing from that day. they sure were good...the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. yum.

then we walked around, headed out to sausalito, grabbed some coffee and ate our tartine desserts (as mentioned earlier), and headed out to our first dinner...

yes, you heard me right. FIRST dinner. we had originally wanted to go to an asian seafood place for crab, but since we drove around for over 30 minutes and STILL could not find parking (one of the annoying parts of SF), i suggested we go to kingdowm of dumpling. this place was a block away from my first place after i first moved to san francisco, and is literally a hole-in-the-wall. but their dumplings, especially their pork and corn ones, are quite delicious. they also have good soup noodles. and the best part about this place? dinner almost always ends up being under $10 a person. wooo!

while there, we decided that we wanted to have a second late-night dinner at nopa, since they are open until 1 a.m. i'd heard a lot about nopa, and even missed the chance to go there while linda was in town last year, and was dying to try it.

we ordered a few things and split them among the table. the best two things: the burger and especially the porkchops, which the rest of us agreed were the best thing we had that day (and even weekend). they are different than your typical porkchops, and kinda is like steak (they as you how well you want it done). but holy scrumptiousness. they are GOOD.

we took a day of rest, the on the last day, we went out to muracci's for japanese curry (the katsu curry is on the 7x7 list).

very tasty :) this japanese girl approves! it's different than curry house, my favorite curry joint in LA (i guess they have on in the san jose area here too) so it's a little hard to compare but i definitely enjoyed it and will be back!

we then headed out to waterbar for $1 oyster happy hour.

delish. and you can't go wrong with $1!!

after that, amy had to leave to go catch her flight, but since leonard and i were in the area of some awesome happy hour spots, we decided to hit up one of them. we had some time to kill, though, so we went to the ferry building and grabbed some cupcakes at miette, which i mentioned earlier.

the cake is really moist. i'm not crazy about the frosting on some of the cupcakes, but these two are probably the best flavors i've had from miette. the pink one is a raspberry one, and the white is a gingerbread, which i had for the first time and really liked.

we decided to hit up chaya for happy hour, and we were joined by leonard's friend andy...

LOTS of good appetizers, from sushi rolls to mussels to some interesting croquettes. everything was really good, and i'll be back for happy hour. i'll just have to order a different cocktail though, mine was pretty much all vodka :)

i felt like exploding at that point. i would say i need to work all that off but will be hitting up the street food fair tomorrow instead :)

looked through my photos from nadine's visit and only took food pics at one place, which i'm also wanting to share. this is from frjtz, which is a belgian place known for their fries. they also have burgers, crepes (which i ordered. we also split a sweet one for dessert), and sandwiches (nadine got an open-faced one).

other places i'd recommend: cha cha cha (cuban-style tapas), suppenkuche (german), farmer brown (fancy soul food. or you can try little skillet, the takeout version. their chicken & waffles are on the 7x7 list but i haven't tried them yet), mama's (brunch. i've blogged about this before. best french toast and omelettes EVER), dottie's, nopalito (it's the sister mexican restaurant of nopa. it's not what i'd call "real" mexican food, since i associate that with mexican food from the ghetto in LA, but their carnitas are bomb), andalu, PPQ (pho/vietnamese), zazie (it's a french bistro and they do lunch/dinner...but i highly recommend the brunch), zachary's (i've raved about this constantly. or you can go to patxi's which is actually IN the city), philz coffee (known as the OTHER good coffee in the city, and it IS good. it's drip style, and individually brewed).

that's all i can think of right now. but that was a novel so it should keep you occupied and full ;)


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*reyanna klein* said…
This whole thing looks amazing! You SO have me craving TONS of food now! LOL. Can't wait to visit SF and have you take me around. However, I *am* gluten-free... that will certainly put a damper on a lot of things... like cupcake places. :-(
Charmaine said…
This is totally not the best thing to read first thing in the morning. I'm hungry! It reminds me though that I need to get into the city more often and not just for work.
Jill said…
Dear, dear Caroline, you KNOW I love to eat vicariously through your food pics. Those chicken wings are calling my name. They look SO good. Agh!
cindee bae said…
It's always such a bad idea coming to your blog on an empty stomach! :)

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