this is because i can spell confusion with a k and i like it

the post title is a tribute to andrew mcmahon and something corporate, who i got the chance to see last night!

(snapped with my phone. i literally ran out the door and forgot my camera, woo.)

i remember picking up "north," their second album about 6 years ago, randomly because it was on sale for like $7 and the cover looked cool. i was on the way to vegas with amy. i remember popping it into my CD player then being pleasantly surprised. i loved the piano riffs and just loved his lyrics. "konstantine" became one of my all-time favorite songs - it's so beautiful. then andrew went on to jack's mannequin (which i didn't know about - i kept asking "what happened to soco?" until i happened to be at a dashboard confessional and jack's mannequin happened to be the opener).

this summer they are on a reunion tour and i made the very last-minute decision to just GO. it was completely worth it and i had an awesome time. and hearing konstantine live?

SWOOOOOOON. it pretty much made my life.

i also met him :) (and half the band) THAT definitely made my life.

it's been a summer of fun concerts :) got to see they might be giants and rogue wave for free over the weekend. it was like camping out in the woods because of the way the venue is set up and because there were SO MANY PEOPLE, but both bands pretty much rocked my world!

and earlier this summer, i got to see lifehouse again! they pretty much rocked my world again. kris allen was also there, he was adorable.

did that page for 2Ps.

can't wait for them to be on tour again this fall...and for some other fun fall concerts (i'm thinking vampire weekend. or jimmy eat world.)

god, i love live music!


Trude said…
So awesome you got to meet him! Hooray for concerts. :) We just bought tickets for Reel Big Fish next month, can't wait!
shaggyfish said…
i love kris allen! wow!!! cool layout there!
Jill said…
I would FREAK if Vampire Weekend came here to Hawaii. If you get to go, take LOTS of pics for me, so that I can continue to live vicariously through your blog. Food and music and scrappy magic -- you've always got the hook-up.

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