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one of the items on my "26 before 26" list was "read a book a month." considering it's been summer vacation the first two months of me being 25, that's one goal that i've more than exceeded.

wanted to share some of my favorite reads as of late with you :)

eat, pray, love: i've heard everyone talking about this book for the last few years now and never got around to reading it. i really wanted to read it before the movie actually came out so it went at the top of my list this summer. it took me a bit to get into it, but when i finally did i REALLY enjoyed it and loved it. i love gilbert's descriptions of the places she went to, it's almost as if you're there with her.

my fair lazy
i discovered jen lancaster and bitter is the new black sometime last year and loved it. she's freaking hilarious and i found myself laughing out loud throughout the book. i've since read the next three of her books (such a pretty far is probably my favorite out of all her books), and even got to see her at the borders here. she's even more hilarious in person. anyway, this one is about her trying to culture herself through going to theatre/dance/opera performances, trying out different ethic foods, going to wine classes, etc. she even talks about going tea tasting in SF chinatown and ending up spending something like $800 on exotic chinese teas - she told us that story at her book signing last year and it was funny reading about it again. it's not my favorite of her books but it was entertaining for sure, and had me laughing out loud again.

extremely loud and incredibly close
i was first drawn to this book because of the super awesome cover (yes, i judge books by their covers. speaking of book covers, go check out chip kidd - he's a book cover designer who's also written some entertaining books in the learners and the cheese monkeys, both of which have pretty cool covers). anyhow. i think other people have talked about the book so i picked it up. loooooooved it. so, SO good. the character development is awesome - oskar is such an interesting character. the story is incredibly touching and it's now one of my favorite books ever!

something borrowed
i actually won this book on goodreads a while back but hadn't gotten around to reading it. it's chick lit, super quick and fluffy but i enjoyed it. i like giffin's style. i went and read something blue soon after finishing this one, and liked it too (but liked something borrowed better), and i think i'll go and read more giffin books. she's one of the better chick lit authors, i think.

anyways. that's what i've been reading so far. anyone have book recommendations for me?

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~Sasha Farina~ said…
okay.. my fair lazy is going on my list now :D
Susan said…
Love the book reviews! I've got a similar goal. And I checked out your goodreads... we have similar taste in books - chick lit and classics! =)
mtfalco said…
I love sharing with fellow 'goodreaders'! :)

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