it's an avalanche that looms over our heads

thought i'd share my 26 before 26 list. the layout went up in the garden last week! used the yummy studio calico documentary collection (can't wait to use it some more!) and made use of a bunch of label stickers i had lying around...

here's the list:
1. cook at least once a week.
2. do a layout a day for a month.
3. start another photo-a-day project.
4. go on a REAL vacation somewhere.
5. go to a dodger game - at dodger stadium.
6. organize all my scrapbook stuff in some way that does not involve stacked boxes.
7. learn illustrator.
8. acquire more camera equipment/upgrade
9. grow photograpically
10. start submitting scrapbook layouts for publication again on a regular basis.
11. eat more vegetables.
12. go to the asian art museum, finally.
13. blog at least once a week.
14. go to a concert. or two. or several.
15. experiment more.
16. re-start my etsy shop.
17. start skating again on a regular basis, and re-learn spinning.
18. play with the diana.
19. make friends.
20. invest in a nice pair of boots that will withstand the rain
21. read a book a month.
22. hike to marshall's beach.
23. bike to sausalito.
24. buy a sewing machine and learn to sew.
25. take more walks.
26. stop thinking so much - just DO.

crossed off #14 (lifehouse, about a week ago) and am failing miserably at #13. i promise to be better at that one.

but i have an excuse for that one. been super busy, with an impromptu second so-cal trip thrown in. lots and lots of photos and stories to share from what i've been up to lately, but i'm behind in editing my own photos. i've been busy editing photos for other people. you can see what i've been up to photog-wise on my photo blog. lots of sharing going on over there :)

have a good one!


nadine said…
we could probably cross off 12 and 23 while i'm there!
i came on here to yell at you for not blogging and now i don't have to ;) way to go. ps: edit madelyns pics ;) ahaha. and then scrap em. and send me the pages. k? thx ;) hahaha
Trude said…
These are great! Love the page, and of course those photos of you. :)
Michelle said…
Oh, lovely page!! :) It's awesome! And good luck with the list!! It sounds super-fun!

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