why georgia, why

made it down to so-cal, where it's quite hot.

one of the things i've been up to since i got here: taking some maternity photos for fantabulous paige.

she's completely adorable, super awesome, and a totally amazing scrapper (and her blog is one of my favorite reads), and i had tons of fun with her! she was up for anything, and kept up with all my crazy demands.

so i have a couple of peeks :)

lots more to come later on the photo blog :)


Jill said…
Sweet pics!
Yay these are great! more more more! :)
Trude said…
OMG so pretty! LOVE Union Station.
*reyanna klein* said…
I LOVE these! They look amazing! Can't wait to see the rest! :-D
Jen Gallacher said…
So fun to see Paige's photos! She is a super cute pregnant lady! :)

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