even at 25, you've gotta start somewhere...

so. i'm about a week into twenty five.

25 things at 25:
1. coffee has become an absolute necessity
2. i eat a bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast every single morning.
3. after taking a trip to the east coast, i've developed an affinity for bagels.
4. i still hate scrabble.
5. sometimes, i get really lonely.
6. i am starting to think that i'm getting old and bitter.
7. i miss so-cal sometimes.
8. i am kind of addicted to cafe world and farmville on facebook.
9. i am starting to have WAY too many shows to watch on TV
10. i miss going to concerts.
11. i have big dreams, but am sometimes overwhelmed by them.
12. i do still kind of want to live in NYC one day. and work in magazines.
13. i've finally become a texting fiend.
14. i loathe the post office.
15. i really like going to brunch.
16. i really enjoy drinking wine. and somehow, i like beer.
17. i miss gilmore girls.
18. i don't understand the ipad - it makes me feel stupid.
19. i really have not kept up with the dodgers much lately. or really, sports in general.
20. i no longer think 60 degrees is "cold."
21. i really want a cute pair of yellow flats.
22. i feel like time is moving WAY too fast for me, and that kinda scares me.
23. my japanese has deteriorated a bit since i moved to SF.
24. i enjoy flipping through wedding magazines, even though i am not getting married anytime soon/
25. i stay up WAY too late some days, but my productivity doubles after 11pm.

birthday weekend was nice - boy and i went up to the cabin. i managed to not take a single photo the entire weekend, how's that for relaxation? LOL. we ate lots of food, took some walks, had a picnic, went wine tasting, and it was *just* warm enough for us to spend a little bit of time in the lake. i came home with tanned legs, woo :)

next week, i'm heading down to so-cal for some time at home. i feel like i can really use that right now. it hasn't been the best month or so for me, but hopefully this will kind of refresh me so i can take the rest of the summer by storm! planning to take a few days in san diego as well, the beach will do me some good. i'm available for shoots as well, if anyone happens to be interested (just email me - the link is in the sidebar over there >>>)

anyway, i'm also working on a 26 before 26 list (the list is done, still haven't done the corresponding layout), and one of the things on said list is "blog at least once a week." so i'll be back soon.

have a good one :)


Jill said…
Happy belated birthday! This layout is awesometastic, in a BIG way. As for your list, yep, #22 is spot on. It will actually intensify as you enter your 30s. I'm pretty sure that it will slow down again as you enter your 70s. There has to be a reason why old people drive so slowly, after all. :)
Trude said…
So glad you had a nice bday weekend! If you're free, I think I could do something Sunday... :)

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