new york, i love you.

warning: this is going to be a LONG post. think of it this way - it makes up for my lack of blogging lately. sort of.

it's taken me over a week to come and post this, but it took me that long to recover from my whirlwind trip! the lovely breanne flew me out to jersey to photograph madelyn's first birthday party. let me begin by saying that she is the most adorable baby EVER. many, MANY photos of her were taken that weekend - i haven't gone through and edited those pics yet, but i will definitely have to share those in a future post, because they are WAY. TOO. CUTE!!!!!!

anyways. that weekend was the first time that breanne and i had ever met. we've been chatting online for something like 5 years now, so it was about damn time!! she's my go-to person whenever i have something snarky to say, or when i need to share that awesome scrapbook page that i just made. she totally cracks me up and can always be counted to be there when i'm feeling cranky and feel like complaining about stupid people. it didn't matter that we'd never met before - we clicked immediately and it was like we'd known each other for years! i love this hobby that has brought me cool friends like this, and i can't wait to visit her (or have her come out to SF) again!

in between all the birthday festivities and the photo-taking, we were able to spend a day in NYC. this was my first time in the city, and it wasn't that long ago when my dream was to work in magazines and live in NYC. that dream has changed, but i have to say this - i LOVED NYC, and part of me still wants to live there for a bit (even though i would be perfectly happy if i stayed in san francisco). there's just something about it - something vibrant and abuzz, and that feeling that there's always SOMETHING going on. if i could sum up my day in the city, it would be "sensory overload" - always something to see, something to do, something going on...and i LOVED it.

we were only there for about 10 hours, but we were able to fit a LOT in. i think we deserve some sort of award :)

here are the pics!

i wanted to take a "taxis in a row" photo. i attempted it several times, and it wasn't quite what i wanted, but i like this shot :)

there was this street fair going on while we walked around near madison square park, and i loved these little onesies hanging in a line. :) and i'm lame, so i ended up buying myself an i *heart* NY shirt later that day, heee.

city bakery, of sex&the city fame. they talk about brownies on the show, but i kept hearing about their chocolate chip cookies - BEST EVER. i also got myself a latte, since i was in serious need of caffeine, and that was the second best latte i've ever had - second only to blue bottle.

one of several glimpses we had of the empire state building. i opted to skip it this time, but it is definitely one of the top things on my list for next time (along with the met).

madison square park. we went there because i wanted shake shack...

...which was delish :) i opted for a hot dog, because i'd decided that one of the things i wanted to eat in NY was a hot dog (although i think i wanted one from a street vendor. in central park. and i think this was chicago-style, lol). it was yummy, but breanne swears her burger was the best she's had in her life, and that i should've gotten that instead (next time). i can vouch that the cones were the best i've ever had, though!

everything was blooming and sooooo pretty all over the city. i cane at the BEST time. the weather was nice all weekend and it was gorgeous.

we rode the staten island ferry. not that there's really anything in staten island worth seeing...we got off the ferry, and got back on the return ferry to manhattan.

but i wanted to see the statue of liberty without actually going there, and i wanted an awesome view of the manahattan skyline, and i had read that the ferry ride gives you that. i wish it was shorter though, i could've used some of that time to fit in something else on my itinerary :)

the subways are awesome. the muni here in SF has NOTHING on the NY subway system. it was a little hard to navigate and figure out, but i'm sure it's something that you get used to over time.

soho! as we were walking down the street, i spotted a uniqlo - my favorite japanese clothing store. i LOVED shopping there whenever i went to japan (i haven't been in like 7 years, though...) i vaguely knew that there were some store locations out on the east coast, but i didn't know that i would pass by one. i'm sort of hoping that they bring one out to SF too.

i used to love watching felicity back in the day, and i remembered that she worked at dean & deluca at one point, so i had to stop in. and of course i got myself more coffee :)

streets of soho. i am such a lame tourist :P props to breanne for keeping up with my "take a photo of me in front of this!" demands. i would loooooove to live in one of those apartments, though!

we happened to pass by kate's paperie, and i loved the window display. we went in, and there was good stuff :)

nolita. on my "to-eat" list was a NY pizza. i wanted to go to lombardi's, but i wanted slices and i didn't want to do the dine-in thing (precious time! so i guess this also goes on the list for next time), so we went down to a pizza place down the street. we went to this park to eat it, where we ran to get a table...we noticed a script on the table and wondered whose it was. this guy came over to us and said we could go halfsies. he looked familiar...his voice sounded VERY familiar...and as we walked over to our own bench, i realized that it was jim gaffigan!! maybe we SHOULD have gone halfsies on that table!

my last vegas trip resulted in a bunch of jersey shore and guido-related inside jokes (mostly pertaining to "the situation"), so when i found out i was jersey-bound, i started saying that i was determined to see a real, live guido sometime that weekend. this was the closest i came to that...i stealthily shot this photo, with my camera on my knee, which ended up being the perfect position. sadly, this dude was a a fake guido, as he started speaking in spanish. oh well.

upper east side. i kept thinking of gossip girl :)

can i pleeeeeeease live in one of these apartments?

central park! i really wanted to see what it was like in comparison to golden gate park over here (which is bigger!). i think i'd say that golden gate park is a lot more woodiser and has more of a kind of rugged feeling. central park is a lot more lush. either way, it was still lovely. and it was the PERFECT day so that was a definite plus!

all the flowers were in bloom. soooooo gorgeous.

i saw photos of those columns on candice stringham's blog (she took one of her awesome umbrella photos there), and i had sort of wanted to see them for myself, but had no idea where they were so i wasn't expecting to see them. but whaddaya know, the ONE part of central park that i picked to go to that day happened to be where they were at? awesomeness. and there's bethseda fountain :) madelyn was transfixed by a street performer who was performing in front of it. SO cute.

view of the upper west side.

rockefeller center. didn't see much of it, since it was getting late-ish, the baby was sleeping, and it was starting to drizzle. i didn't even get to see rockefeller plaza. one of my life goals is to skate at the ice rink there (and my fantasy is to be proposed to there, hah!), and the rink was actually open until the 18th, but i figured that wasn't going to happen if i wanted to cram in whatever was on my agenda for the day (which by the way, we didn't get around to everything on it still!). so that tops the list for next time if i happen to come in the winter or early spring. i did get to see the radio city music hall, and 30 rock!

the only cupcake place i was supposed to stop in was magnolia, only because it was in rockefeller center. every other place was out of the way compared to everything else i wanted to see on my list. i wanted to try to fit in one other place, but it didn't happen :( anyway. magnolia is kind of overrated, but oh well.

times square. can you say sensory overload? LOL. it was way too crowded for my taste, but it was worth seeing, if only once.

i snapped this photo AND hailed a cabe simultaneously. this ended up being one of my favorites from the day. i so rock.

can you believe we fit in ALL of that with a baby in tow? i told you we deserve an award!!

it was a whirlwind of a day (and weekend), but i still had to cross of things that were on my itinerary...including a walk down fifth ave. and a walk down broadway. there's always next time, right? definitely going to take a longer trip to NYC next time, and there is already a long list for that!

thanks, breanne for being an awesome host and catering to all of my demands! you're the best!

and i will just have to share those adorable photos of madelyn in a future post. however, here's a teaser for you all (it's on breanne's blog too, but i happened to get a chance to edit this one)...

that candy display is the BEST. seriously, i went CRAZY over that.



Christen said…
I like the colors in the last picture. Really colorful.
~Sasha Farina~ said…
Caroline, I love you. Thanks for posting all these yummy photos. I've been there twice and wanna go again :(
Jenn said…
these are awesome pictures! Having lived in New Jersey I can tell you from experience you aren't missing much!
emilyruth said…
wow! you really did fit in a lot! your pictures are so great...makes me want to visit nyc again... & that last picture is so fun :)
Ally said…
Oh, this reminds me of my NY trip with Kim Kesti. We spent literally 24 hours there from the time our plane landed to the time we boarded back on to go home. You got some GREAT shots! What a fun, fun trip!
nadine said…
looks fantastic! i know i'm not going to New York, but now i'm super super pumped to come see you!
Trude said…
OMG can't believe you did all that in one day! And I'm super insanely jealous you saw Jim Gaffigan, I love him! :)
Great post! I can't believe you did all that in 10 hours! I so want to go to a Dean & Deluca in NYC - looove Felicity.

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