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here's my CHA recap :) this year, i got a chance to work in the pink paislee booth. their booth was lovely, the product was awesome and the people were the best! standing in a booth for about 9 hours a day for 3 days was exhausting, but also lots of fun! it was great seeing and meeting lots of scrappy peeps. it's probably one of my favorite aspects about this hobby - connecting with a bunch of people who "get it." seeing them "IRL" is so fun.

i don't have any product shots since i didn't get to walk around much (walked around my lunch break, quickly), but i DO have some shots of the pink paislee booth. they got a brand new booth this year, and it looked fabulous!

365 degrees - my fave, and bayberry cottage. i don't know why, but i didn't take a photo of queen bee. whoops.

i LOVED LOVED LOVED these tapes!!!

it was fun showing people around the booth, talking to them about all the product, and then seeing them get REALLY excited about it! you can see more shots over on the pink paislee blog

here's the pink paislee crew! all such fabulous people :) really enjoyed working with them!

aren't the aprons adorable?

what i DO have are a ton of people shots, either of people who came into the booth (i kept my point & shoot inside my pocket!), or who i found while i was walking around!

the awesome vicki...she had an awesome canvas project on display in the booth!

suzy p! she was rocking the sock monkey slippers -

the pink chucks belong to becky, who worked with me in the pink paisee booth and kept feeding me the most deicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies throughout the show.

shimelle, who is just about the most adorable thing EVER. she rocks the sparkly sneakers :)

sweet sharon over at prima. the prima release was super awesome, and i'm still rolling around in allllll of the lovely flowers!

shannon over at KI. i LOVE her sweater. btw, the new KI lines are FABULOUS and i can't wait to play with them!

rhonna, who screams fabulousness. (and is also tiny, hah). check out that outfit!!!

paula, who was my roomie again!! sadly, unlike last time, i didn't chase her around with my camera and take 329480329483209 pics of her, much to her relief.

the fantabulous may, who had a hoppin' room party. i love how we always see each other at shows, but never in the bay area even though we both live there now!

kimber and summer over at jillibean...who are both tall and made me feel short! (like lots of other people)

jamie! we were supposed to grab cupcakes at dots with liz and cindee before the show started, but the scheduling didn't work time. but i was happy to be able to chat with her for a little bit!

the fabulous gretchen. she's adorable!

sweet, sweet doris. we spent two days working across from each other. adored getting to know her!

dina and kerry lynn. i've been admiring their work for a while now - so cool to meet them!

cindy, who worked the booth with me on sunday. i had fun with her!

angela, aka spidergirl! i love this girl - i miss chatting with her on the late night threads on two peas.

and angie from october afternoon. they gave me the new paper to play with - so and can't wait to use it!!! it was some of my favorite paper at the show :)

anabelle and ronda. i ADORE these girls' work and it was great to meet them in person!

christine. so great finally meeting her (we were both on the studio calico team back in the day) and chat with her for a bit. also loved seeing her GORGEOUS work in the crate paper booth. also, she was tinier than i expected. heeee :)

also got to hang with the studio calico girlies...i miss these girls soooooo much! it was fun to see them again! went to lunch with them one day...

this pic is so dark. poo. it was awesome to finally meet waleska and tina, who came all the way from alaska!

i miss these two - nik and davinie - even though they still harass me about taffeta. and butt bows.

celine and april!

speaking of april...

i caught her swiffering the floor in the SC booth one day. i told her i'm going to scrap these with the omefront line because they're so domestic :) i'm not really kidding, either...

lorie! we never got to meet while i was on the team, but i did this time!

they had a little get-together tuesday night, and i got to see more peopplle!

heidi, who really needs to visit SF!

got to meet julie! her AMAZING projects were totally rocking the prima booth, and i loved being able to chat with her for awhile!

tina c. it was ice talking to her!

mle! my other roomie. vivian stayed with us too, but i didn't get a pic with her! loved spending time w/ mle though!


Trude said…
Dang you were a busy social butterfly! No wonder you were tired! :)
Wow you got to see lots of people! I walked by the Pink Paislee booth twice to say hi, but both times you were helping someone out and I didn't want to butt in :) Next time!
Tina said…
I like how Gretchen is bent down to your fun size level. :) nice meeting you caro!
Anonymous said…
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*reyanna klein* said…
Ack! You make me SO jealous! LOL. LOVE all these photos. Thanks so much for sharing them! :-)
~Sasha Farina~ said…
such fun photos!!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter.
Megan said…
Hi Caroline,

I'm so sad that I was in the Pink Paislee booth and didn't get the chance to say hello. I always love putting faces and personalities to the pages I've seen. It looks like you had an excellent show. Thanks for sharing the great photos!

Megan (CK creative editor)

P.S. I'm featuring the page you did for my "Tips & Tricks" column on our CK blog tomorrow ( I hope that's okay with you. :)

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