make me understand that i am free

um, how is it december already? i'm in complete denial. time is just moving WAY too fast for me.

ANYWAYS. this is a much-needed update about my thanksgiving week in so-cal.


we made sweet potato balls - SO yummy!

i love random cooking adventures with these two.

spent time with the fam on the actual holiday. i ate WAY too much - i don't think i quite stopped eating that night, and just kept stuffing my face. ha.

these two crack me up:

we have a bunch of late november/early december birthdays in our family, so they just decided to celebrate them all on thanksgiving (not everyone is in the photo.)

the next day, i got to hang out with jamie and liz! jamie and i had hung out a few times before i left for norcal, but i was so excited to finally meet liz! we've "known" each other online for something like 4 years now!

we had yummy taiwanese shaved ice :) mmmmmmm....we were originally going to meet up for tea, but the place we wanted to go to wasn't open yet! this was a great plan b :)

liz's daughter, audrey, is just a cutie patootie.

later that day, the girls and i had our annual gathering...

see the dog in the picture? amy got him a few months ago, and he's completely ADORABLE. we had a doggie photo shoot the next day, but since i took way too many pictures them and am too lazy to sort and edit them, that will have to wait for another post. meanwhile, here he is with me!

and while shooting, judy and i realized that we were wearing matching outfits. we tend to do this a lot, totally unplanned!

unfortunately, i got much of nothing done while i was down there, so i'm paying for it now and am buried under a looooong to-do list. sigh.

hope you had a fabulous thanksgiving! have a good one :)


Cindee said…
I'm gonna have to try out the sweet potato balls VERY soon!!!! Thanks for the link! :)
Liz said…
i was so happy to finally have met you caroline. Did I tell you that I couldn't stop thinking about the snowy ice and ended up going back there on saturday? lol. Looking forward to our next get-together. We're gonna have to drag cindee along too.

btw, totally forgot to tell you that your new haircut is adorable!
Trude said…
Sounds like you had an awesome vacation despite not getting anything done! And that pup is just too cute. I'm getting photos taken this Sunday with my dog for our Xmas cards, can't wait! :)
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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