and we'll be jolly friends

it's FREEZING here. i'm talking not quite 50 degrees. i think that's about as cold as it'll get here. brrrrrr.

anyhow. this is a post of scrappy shares :)

some stuff for the two peas garden that went up on the 1st...

so this month's theme is two pagers. i'm not much of a two pager gal, although i've done more this year than i usually do, and they don't scare me as much as they used to!

product focus, using some prima felt vines/branches.

here's a KI layout...this was for the focus on being grateful feature. used lots of goodies from the heirloom line here!

some more of cheryl's challenges. i'm having lots of fun with these, and it feels good to scrap "just cuz" for a change (even though if i didn't have assignments, i probably would barely scrap - HA!)

that's all. i am off to jump into bed and be buried by all my nice WARM blankets. also thinking of playing space heater roulette - we have old electrical wiring here and i've been refraining from using my space heater because i'm afriad it will blow out the circuit (i can't blow dry my hair on full power because of this). sigh.


penuttpie said…
love the layouts! thanks for sharing :)
Jill said…
Wow, Caroline! These are all amazing. My fave is the first one -- it's so emblematic of your style. Tiny bits and pieces...overflowing color...brilliant all around! You're a scrappy genius. Seriously!
your layouts are so sweet and amazing! but i've always loved your work!
amy lapi said…
your layouts are gorgeous, as always. :)

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