it's time to try defying gravity.

two things:

1. wedding photos! i was assistant to the amazing maurice ramirez. seriously, he's awesome and i learned lots, for sure. here are a couple of my favorite shots:

you can see a bunch more over here. the number one thing i learned: you have to be quick and think on your feet. i'll get better (i hope). also - weddings are exhausting, but there's something kinda magical about them.

2. i have the digi challenge at two peas this week.

it's to joural within/around a shape. confession: i didn't know how to do this until it was assigned to me, lol. it's pretty easy, though. i'm still very much a digi noob sometimes...i still don't know a lot of the photoshop tricks that can come in handy. just enough to move around layers and use brushes...which is usually enough for what i do. lol. i guess that's what google is for though, hah. ;)

have a good one :)


Vel said…
Wow, what beautiful photos! I love the lighting in some of them. Nice work!
*reyanna klein* said…
These look great! Awesome work! My dad is retired wedding photographer, and he said it was really fun! I think that now that he's a chef, he misses photography. Some day, hopefully... he can get back into it. :)

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