belle of the boulevard

scrappy share time :)

the midmonth garden went up today...more stickers :)

and a seasonal thanksgiving one!

here's one i did for prima, using the new blooming retro papers :)

*hoping* to get some fun scrapping in tonight (but i'm feeling lazy at the moment, so we shall see?)

happy things in my world lately:
these -

maple leaf cookies from trader joe's. so good. also munching on candy cane joe joes! mmmm... :)

my first gingerbread latte of the year :)
a green coat for $20! (outerwear sale at old navy + friends&family coupon!)
so-cal bound in a week. excited to see family & friends! (if anyone is interested in a photo session, i will be doing those as well. e-mail me if you're interested. addy is in the sidebar

adorable couple + perfect light = this:

modern family. it's HILARIOUS.
stanford beating usc. i can't stand the trojans, so any team who beats them makes me happy!
a page (one of my faves) picked up by scrapbook trends - it's been awhile! i've been sooo lazy with the submitting thing lately, hence the lack of pubs. i miss it...
and THIS - super cool!

that's all folks :)


RiNNE said…
Awesome pics & l.o.'s!! May I ask how much you charge for a fam session? There are 3 of us but not till next year. You can also email me on FB :).

Thanks, Rinne aka Corinne
~Sasha Farina~ said…
beautiful layouts.. awesome photos. you just rock!

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