autumn fallin'

it's looking like fall around here :)

one of the things i love about living up in the bay area is that we sort of get seasonal changes here, without the super chilly weather. i'm sure this doesn't compare to an east coast fall, but this is way better than a boring so-cal fall (which feels like summer anyway).

on saturday, the boy and i headed out for a day trip to sonoma (technically north sonoma county - healdsburg and geyserville), figuring that it would be gorgeous with the fall color changes (also because we tried last year and failed miserably because it poured the day we went!). we were right. it was an absolutely gorgeous day (we timed it perfectly, as it rained friday and was cloudy and drizzly today). we did a little bit of wine tasting, eating, and a bit of walking through a couple of vineyards, and came across scenes like this:

yesterday (sunday), i had a shoot up at the marin art and garden center. i'd never even heard of the place, but it was gorgeous. lots of fall scenes there, like this! i LOVED all the red/orange/yellow trees there!

today, i am off to so-cal for thanksgiving festivities. it's supposed to be 77 degrees on thursday - can you believe it?


I can't believe it's so warm here in So-Cal in late November! I feel like it should be snowing and 20 degrees outside. Pro or con? I'm still deciding :)
Trude said…
I couldn't agree more about the seasons changing down here! It's either hot and dry or cold and dry. Boo. Can't believe it's supposed to warm up again - but the nights actually have been chilly, so don't forget a jacket! :)
Trude said…
And PS I *heart* those leaf shots!!
Casey Wright said…
I love the fall pictures - BEAUTIFUL! Fall is my favorite time of the year and I rarely get to see it in such great places... we are getting ready for snow here!
Love the blog!
Jill said…
I want to go to there.
sarah said…
77 degrees!? that's def a change from the bay weather don't you think?! LOVE your photos of sonoma and marin. i haven't been up to marin in a while, but those pics are rockin'.

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