and sunday always comes too late

happy day after halloween!

this is what the boy and i ended up dressing up as. we originally had a different plan, but i left my outfit at his house and he ended up wrecking it. we were cutting it close so i let him pick what we were going as, and this is what he decided on. his costume is way better than mine because he ended up borrowing a bunch of medical doodads from his dad, who is a retired doctor. although my fake stethoscope actually worked!

i had someone tell me i looked "hella cute" though, and a couple of others came up to us and told us we were awesome, so i guess that was successful. lol.

anyhow. here are a couple of scrappy shares...

for this month's garden...

and one for prima, using the november build-a-page sketch. yes, a 2-pager! i've done something like 3 2-pagers in the last 2 months - shocking, right?

this layout uses the newest prima papers - blooming retro. love love looooooove it!

i can hardly believe it's november already. i am so in denial.

have a good one :)


RiNNE said…
OH MY...your creations are as delish as cupcakes! I especially LOVE the first one!
*reyanna klein* said…
Wow, these pages are amazing! LOVE the 2-page. Well, I love all pages with Kylie in them! :D

You two look SO cute for Halloween! We had planned to dress up and go out, but we ended up being really tired... LOL. So we did some errands, watched The Exorcist (the original), and went to sleep early. Not one trick-or-treater for us. We're so boring! LOL.

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