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this post is a photo catch-up of sorts :) not that i've been taking very many lately - i need to work on that (maybe a photo-a-day again starting next month?) - but since i've finally sat down to sort and edit photos, here's what's been going on...

a couple of weeks ago, i had to be in the presidio in the evening. the golden gate bridge was on the way anyway, and it was around sunset time on one of those perfect san francisco days. so i took the detour to snap a couple of photos.

i think i mentioned that i took a super quick LA trip a couple weekends ago. it was for kylie's birthday party. it was nice seeing a bunch of family again, and she was adorable! i can't believe she's 4 already. all of them are growing up sooooo fast. that must mean i'm getting old. hah.

while i was there, i got to squeeze in a quick boba/tea station outing with the girls. i really like this photo for some reason...looks warm.

and amy even brought me sprinkles!! yay :)

i leave you with some of my KI layouts. i finally played with a bunch of the new paper! (the box has been sitting here for 2 months, but for some reason i kept using older stuff, lol)

that's all folks :)


RiNNE said…
beautiful pics, caroline! i especially liked the bridge.

and awesome l.o.'s! great colors and design!
Michal said…
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