it's a color that i can't describe

just a quickie post with some scrappy shares :)

for two peas. this month's theme was typography!

this one was inspired by a card from papyrus. i copied the balloon shaped text, because i thought it was super cool.

another 2-pager from me! *gasp* played around with various fonts and hand-cutting here.

seasonal layout - halloween. these pics are from about 2 years ago and finally sat down and scrapped them!

this one is for prima:

that's all for now. :)


jo said…
Love them all! That first one is so cute with the balloon shaped text! Super CUTE!
Vel said…
Ooooh, cute stuff!
Emily Pitts said…
balloon text, love it.
sarah said…
GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! :)

~Sasha Farina~ said…
ohhh... your colors are fab Girl!!!
Jill said…
Oohwee...I'm always happy to see more Caroline pages!

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