as the days keep turning into night

right now...

* really loving the weather here this month. well, except for those two days when it POURED. i haven't seen this many sunny days here in a loooong while...and there's definitely that crispy fall air. love it.

* i've started cooking with my crockpot quite often. seriously makes my life easier. if it weren't for that thing, i probably would be eating ramen every day, lol. i've been experimenting with different things...more about this in a future post :)

* i'm LOVING the away we go soundtrack. especially the alexi murdoch songs (the post title is from one of the songs). love love love. the boy and i saw the movie a couple weeks ago, and i liked it, but the entire time i thought "i HAVE to get this soundtrack."

* i don't think i'll be watching this year's world series. it's bad enough that the dodgers didn't make it, but the yankees vs. phillies? *yaaaaawn*

* i can't believe it'll be november in less than a week. yikes. where is time going?

* i'm sore. i assisted a wedding yesterday. it was fun, exhausting, and super inspiring. i get to work with one of the most awesome wedding photographers in the bay area, and it was pretty awesome to watch him do his thing. it was definitely a learning experience, for sure. he also let me take my own shots when i wasn't helping with lighting, so i'll share those later. so excited for this opportunity - i cannot wait to do more and to learn more!

* i am craving something sweet.


Jill said…
Love that photo -- you're definitely a girl who knows her flare. :)
RiNNE said…
cute photo! hey, i LOVED...ok, "liked" those two days when it rained in the bay. we need it! but you're right, loving the warm, crisp weather right now! yay for crockpots and wedding assisting!
Trude said…
What an awesome opportunity! Hopefully you can share your shots? :) I finally watched that movie too and loved the music (along with everything else about it), guess I'll have to cave and get the muzak.

Hooray for sun flare! :D
amy lapi said…
your photo is beautiful! i like hearing more about you. :)

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