someday we'll know if love can move a mountain


and now:

it's been three years since i came up here with a couple friends on labor day weekend. it was my first time visiting san francisco in 10 years (from then on, i started coming every 4 months, then every month or so, hah), and my first time in the east bay. i kind of hated san francisco the first time i came (too cold and windy! lol), and had a completely different impression of berkeley than what it turned out to be. but it was during that trip when i fell in love with norcal, and decided "i want to live up here someday."

i didn't think that someday would be now, but here i am. who knew? so much has changed since then. life is completely different than what i'd thought it would be 3 years from then. it's so weird thinking about it.

but you know what? i wouldn't change it for anything, fog and all.


penuttpie said…
i heart san fran too ;)
*reyanna klein* said…
Hooray for fog. :) My handstand photo in front the Golden Gate is foggy. LOL. But my Alcatraz photo... and my Ghiradelli photo... and my Seven Sisters photos... all beautiful. :D

And I LOVE this photo of you jumping. Probably one of my new jumping faves of yours. Too cute! Love that top! :)
Alison said…
So maybe this is a silly thing to say but...DANG! You can jump girl!
Trude said…
SUCH a cute shot of you! I love the city too, wish I was tougher and could bear to tear myself away from family. :) Ah well, being a tourist will have to do for now! (love the skyline behind you too!)

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