keep spinning around I know it won't stop,

(hooray!!! you've found the CP blinke!!!)

so fall tv season is upon us. here are my shows this year:

the office. duh. hands-down my favorite show on TV. i'm also watching last season on DVD, and cracking up over the deleted scenes :) plenty of the office in my world = happy me. also. i still *heart* jim!

gossip girl. i am almost ashamed to admit this, but i because super addicted to this over the summer. seriously, once i started watching, i couldn't stop. it's so bad, yet sooooo good. i spent many late nights because i couldn't stop watching! can't help but love the clothes!!

glee! i ended up watching the pilot right before the season started, just to see what everyone was talking about - and i was hooked! it cracks me up, has some great lines, and i love the musical numbers.

grey's. i have to admit that i am not in love with the series as i was in the first few seasons...but i still watch (albeit, i usually end up watching online since the first half hour is on at the same time as the office). i was really turned off by the izzie-denny scenes last year, and i wasn't wowed by the premiere this week...but i'm still hoping it'll pick back up again.

HIMYM. seriously, how can one not love barney? he's legen...wait for it...DARY!

curb your enthusiasm. i am sad my free HBO ended a few weeks ago, grrrr. but i head over to the boy's house for this. i am SO HAPPY that it's back!! it's SO painful but that makes for some pretty awkward, hilarious moments. SO funny!

what are you watching this fall?


RiNNE said…
Ok, we got two outta the bunch- me loves The Office (& Jim!) and Glee! I heart Mr. shue!! That poster you put here is too cute!!
mtfalco said…
I <3 Glee! Sadly I admit to all the teeny-bop shows (90210, MP, VD, but interstingly enuff never got into GG). Hoping Heroes is as good this season, and am giving Fast Forward a try. Also those pesky reality shows (Survivor, ARace, PRunway, TopChef). Gah, is there time to craft?
Jill said…
So many of these shows are my shows, too! I can't walk away from Grey's, no matter how strange it gets sometimes.
Trude said…
I love Glee!! Anyone who ever did choir should watch it. And HIMYM is awesome, I pretty much just watch it for Jasons Segel & NPH. Alyson Hannigan is super cute too. Also addicted to The Big Bang Theory, prob cause all my friends are nerds too. :)
xobellaaimox said…
i just wrote about my fave shows, too. fall tv is stellar.
Jocelyn said…
i'm watching office for sure and grey's probably. you should check out parks and recreation! really funny. i've heard so many good things about glee too!
jany said…
Lol I watch all the same shows... And more:) if you're looking for more to add to your list, email me... I'll send you mine! :)

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