i'm jettisoned to the center of the storm

ugh, i'm in denial that it's september, and that my summer is over...even though it feels like i barely had a summer since it was cold and foggy most of the time! lol.


a couple weeks ago, elaine moved across the bay and into the city. we've had many adventures in the east bay, bur i'm so happy to have a fello SF resident now. :) yesterday, we went exploring...we realized that both of us had never seen the "painted ladies," aka the "full house houses," so we headed over to alamo square to take photos of them...

i want one of those houses! (actually the house in SF that *i* want to live in is this awesome purple and gold house in pacific heights. the colors are so rich, and it's so beautiful. i should take a photo of it when i see it next time).

afterwards, we headed to japantown and fell in love with this wall.

notice how i'm throwing up the asian tourist sign. what can i say...i WAS in japantown and i AM japanese, after all.

anyways. i'll try to get back into a more regular blogging routine this month...i realize that i have barely posted in the last 2 months.


RiNNE said…
so very cute!

umm, yeah. i've been in the bay area since i was ten and i've never been to the 'full house' houses either. great pic! felt like i was there :).
Jill said…
LOVE that wall in Japantown.
Full House houses! Those are sooo cool! I wonder who's lucky enough to live in them. I'm jealous.

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