i wanna see the sun rising anywhere but here

just a couple of layouts to share from the midmonth garden at two peas:

i took the found objects theme as an opportunity to scrap that cuuuuute bag from my >milk outings! i knew there was a good reason why i made cristin give it to me ;)

i thought of knitting when i was thinking of something to scrap that was fall-related. i think i need to start knitting again, it's certainly chilly enough to put on scarves!

also, i have a little soup craving (maybe because it's kinda cold here today?), so if you have any yummy soup recipes (especially if they're done in a crockpot!), please direct me to them!! :) thanks in advance!

have a good one :)


RiNNE said…
I remember how you mentioned that bag- it is TOO cute! That's the best feeling! When you keep something and then you got to incorporate it into your l.o.!
Jill said…
I remember those milk bottles from a post not too long ago. LOVE how you used them here. Brilliant!

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