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scrappy share:

i had the challenge over on the KI blog this week. it's to use up your scraps :) i have TONS of scraps sitting around in my paper pile, and a bunch of KI papers at that, so i cut them into strips and used them on here. play along if you can :)

highlight of my weekend:

the boy's sister was in town for a few weeks, and since her british boyfriend wanted to go to an american football game, we all headed over to the cal game on saturday. i think this is my first college football game. i'm a bruin gal myself (shhh...), but i had fun cheering for the bears...and they kicked maryland's butt, 52-13 (i THINK that was the score). good times :)

i'm heading back down to so-cal for a few days on thursday...i'm kinda looking forward to hot weather (it's currently freezing here), but i hope it's not TOO hot, because i can't deal with that anymore (why am i such a wussy about weather? sheesh.)

have a good one :)


*reyanna klein* said…
You are too funny! I'm loving the heat of Texas. It is just SO nice in the mid-nineties. LOL. I'm so weird. :-p

Cute layout! I only keep my cardstock scraps in one place. My patterned paper scraps are strewn about... as in, they're all in their respective manufacturers' envelopes. LOL. So if I wanted to scrap with my scraps, I'd have to choose a manufacturer (or SC kit...), and then go from there. LOL.
Trude said…
I think you're in luck - its about 15 degrees cooler here than it was last weekend! :) And hooray for the fair! My friends and I are going to the LA County one next weekend. Mmmm fair food...
~Sasha Farina~ said…
uh... you're so not alone, i'm THAT way with the weather too :D

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