xavia, won't you save us?

we'd been having a string of really nice days here in SF...until today. i live in one of the foggier neighborhoods, but still.

the view from my street:

it's funny because i got lost in the ghetto earlier today, on the complete opposite side of the city, and it was nice and sunny over there. after that, i had a shoot in golden gate park where it looked similar to my neighborhood (that's also one of the foggiest neighborhoods in SF). the poor girl said it was 90 degrees where she was from (on the other side of the bay, towards the south), and was FREEZING because she was wearing a tube top.

you've gotta love SF microclimates...

anyways. i realized that i've barely posted any of my LOs lately, so here are two from the midmonth garden which went up today...

the theme this month was fashion...this particular LO was inspired by this shirt:

which i would probably never buy because i think the colors are kind of fugly, but i did like the text and used that as inspiration.

have a good one :)


Jill said…
I love the pages -- so much color and energy! Ooh, and I'm digging the Submarines reference, too. :)

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