the only way to really know is to really let it go

this page went up as today's featured layout at two peas today..

seriously?! 10 years? where did time go?
it seems like yesterday when i met these girls (plus a few others...they just happened to be in this picture, heee) at various points during my freshman year of high school.

and here we are, a decade later, at various points in our lives, doing different things, yet always managing to find a way to be in each others' lives. i *heart* them and think we'll be friends for many years to come!

speaking of old friends...

this girl pointed out to me the other day that we'd been friends for about 20 years. um, what?! now THAT makes me feel OLD.


Jill said…
The last time I loved purple I think was in the fifth grade, but the universe has been whispering "purple" in my ear lately. I bought a purple blouse a couple of weeks ago, and a purple dress a couple of days ago. Now I see this layout and I realize, I think I'm actually starting to LIKE purple. Whoa. :) LOVE the layout. Big love.
Chris said…
Are you sure you just "feel" old? >:)
scrapyoga said…
I love your layouts! I just dug up a bunch of old pics of highschool buddies and friends-love being nostalgic! We giggle and crack up on being friends for over 28 years!!!! Cheers to friendships!!!! If you ever come to central coast, call and we'll hit SLO town, Montana De Oro, the ROCK and the beach!!!
~Sasha Farina~ said…
love me some old friends... :)

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