nowhere, going nowhere, in the fake yellow light

i came home to so-cal on sunday and will be here for the next week. it's not as hot as i expected, so except for the fact that my allergies have been flaring up and making me miserable, i'm a pretty happy camper. it's been fun catching up with people - got to have lunch with my friend kate (whom i haven't seen in 2 years!) this afternoon - and looking forward to some more festivities in the coming week :)

anyways. these photos are from the berkeley rose garden...the boy and i had lunch (me) and coffee (him) there the other day. lots of pretty flowers...some of them don't look like your typical roses!

also finally got to go to blue bottle coffee, which they say has the best organic coffee in san francisco. i have to say that i agree! you bet i'll be going there more often!

have a good one :)


cupcake studio said…
Oooh, your flower shots are just yummy! Love the first pink one :)
Trude said…
OMG I love when they do the cream designs in coffee! Urth Cafe here in LA does that - amazing! Lovin' those shots, just yummy.
Pound said…
it's been so nice this wk. i hope it's still like this on sat.! see no 100 degree weather for you :D
*reyanna klein* said…
Ohmigosh! I LOVE these flower photos. I may have to purchase the pink one from you. I think it has to go in my room. :) (Hubby can just deal with the fact that we have pink roses hanging in our bedroom...)

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