look alive, see these bones

a recap of my day today:

1) a couple weeks ago, amy started talking about milk. when i saw the pictures of all the desserts, i immediately knew i HAD to come here.

we split a soup, which was in a ginormous bowl.

we both had a red velvet popper (mini cupcakes).

(i like how it matches my nail polish, lol)

then, we split an ice cream sandwich.

we saw these strawberry shortcake bars in the display and decided we HAD to get one...so we split one of those, also.

i got one of these blue velvet cakes to go (their specialty, i believe).

2) later today, i met up with another amy and judy, for ramen.

3) we grabbed some frozen yogurt, and sat on these kiddie chairs.

4) we went to the dollar store for some prop for pictures. judy ended up finding these ridiculous grills, and we spent a good half hour posing like this...

we may be ridiculous, but this is why i love my friends.

a normal photo to close out the night...

have a good one :)


xobellaaimox said…
i am ridiculously jealous. and hungry.
Trude said…
OMG that ice cream sandwich just kills me!! And my friends and I would have totally done the same thing with the grills. :D

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