it's a beatiful day...don't let it get away

we've had the most perfect weather here the last few days. gorgeous blue, sunny skies, perfect temperatures.

i had a shoot out in golden gate park today. i decided to go a few hours early to take advantage of this weather...i brought along a blanket and my ipod, and planned to read for a bit, but just ended up snapping photos and napping instead :)

it's days like these when i feel sooooo lucky to be living here.

(will post more photos from the cabin soon!)


Jill said…
I always get a kick out of seeing through your lens! :) Great photos!
love your macro shots
*reyanna klein* said…
Yay! Sometimes I wish it was cool enough in Texas (it was 100 today) to just go to the park and take photos and nap. LOL. Maybe at like... 9am. Or 9pm. Although... it's still usually 90 degrees at both those times. LOL.

Love these photos! Fabulous work. And hooray for your new iPod! :D
Trude said…
Mmm bokeh. You mind sharing some of that weather with us down here? Its the worst June gloom I can remember!

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