it's always better when we're together

first of all - thanks for all the crockpot recipes! i can't wait to try them out :)

secondly (apparently, the term "second of all" is incorrect, LOL) - pictures from my birthday week! (warning: picture heavy post ahead!)

we played an insane amount of scrabble. and with more than 2 players. i still lost, although i did come awfully close.

there's a canoe at the house that we never, ever went on when it's just me and the boy. but theo and linh wanted to go on it. and then a lot of us followed. canoeing = harder than it looks, but kinda fun. it's cool sitting out in the lake on a boat.

linh's facial expressions were priceless. and check out those raindrops! (yes, it decided to rain on the first day everyone was there. i was NOT happy, because i was looking forward to swimming. HMPH).

elaine steered me into tree branches. TWICE.

a few people went hiking in big trees (in the rain!). the rest of us went wine tasting at stevenot in murphys (the weather was actually slightly better over there). the boy and i have gone wine tasting in murphys a few times, and i have to say that stevenot is probably my favorite winery over there. it's also located on some really pretty,

near the parking lot sits this old, abandoned truck. i've noticed it a couple of times, and thought it would be a cool prop for photos. to not pose with it would've been a sin, so i made everyone stand there for 20 minutes posing for photos.

i'm sure he's just THRILLED with me right there. but seriously, i looooooove the sunflare here.

these girls drove allll the way up from LA (a 7 hour drive!), and arrived at 3 a.m. the previous night. as the boy said, "they must really like you." <3

then, the boy found this little area which was marked "for wine club members only." but we ignored said sign and took pictures there, anyway.

walked around the grounds some more - such cool rock formations! and then we also took a little walk around downtown murphys, and had some ice cream.

we all came back to the cabin, hung out, had dinner, and played a bunch of board games that night. my cranium team lost :( hmph. the next morning, some people cooked us breakfast -

had that with whipped cream and strawberries. YUM!

the LA group left early so they could wander around san francisco for awhile, and the hiking group went out to lake alpine for a few hours. when they came back, we took the canoe out again...had dinner + some beers and watched the lakers game (btw, BOO HISS magic), and they left. we got lonely. lol. the next day, the boy and i also headed out to lake alpine.

(okay, seriously. snow in june. IN CALIFORNIA. we tried to do the trail that the others did, however, this was the entrance. we decided that we couldn't deal with the snow, so we turned back and walked around the lake instead.)

on our last day, we went back to murphys and had a picnic on the ironstone vineyard grounds. also very pretty. we've been going on picnics there the last couple of times we've gone to the cabin, and it's become one of our favorite things do up there.

the week went by soooooo quickly. i really did have a great birthday, though. i really am lucky to be surrounded by such great company.

you bet all these pictures are going to be on a scrapbook page soon! :)


Pound said…
first of all- he looks as thrilled as evan would be posing next to that truck.

second- "secondly" is also wrong. :P~
Jill said…
I love these photos (esp. the one of "the boy" and the sun flare -- sooo cool!). I can't wait to see them make their way onto future pages.
Trude said…
That looks like SO much fun! I've always wanted to make all my friends rent one of those cabins that sleep 40, and now I'm def going to have to do it. Glad you had such a great time!

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