we don't do it now we'll never make it

this weekend:

-4 a.m. scrapping session
- candlelight, pasta, pesto pizza, and awesome white wine
- planning for my b-day weekend
- posing as a high schooler prepping for her SATs. (see my twitter >>) yeah, let's - just say that if i ever were to take them again, i would NOT do well.
- 90 degree days (in SAN FRANCISCO. i thought i got rid of this weather when i left so-cal?)
- a couple of hours hanging out with jenni, and her cute family:

(more to come soon)
(also, i have a photo blog set up in case you're curious to what i'm up to over there)

next week: FINALS. i thought they were the week after, until last week. ooooooops. doesn't look tooooo bad, though.
and then: partying it up with linda&co. over memorial day weekend! :)

(oh and re: the office finale. "send in the subs." eeeeeeee!!!!)


Trude said…
Those photos look awesome! So much fun! It was hot here too...ick.
Jill said…
Terrific photos, Caroline!
~Sasha Farina~ said…
beautiful photos Caroline!!!
*reyanna klein* said…
These are adorable!!! Awesome work! I'm so glad you two were able to meet up. :)

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