i find a fatal flaw in the logic of love

i'm moving tomorrow, so i'm up to the wahzoo in packing and cleaning (ugh. remind me that 6-week sublets are NOT a good idea), but wanted to stop in to share some scrappy stuff.

these are some of the LOs i had go up this month in the twopeas garden

for KI. it was for a sketch challenge.

for prima, using the rebellious papers:

also realized i never updated about last weekend, which ended up turning out totally different than i was planning. i didn't get to spend anywhere near as much time hanging out with linda&co. as i was planning (girlfriend duties, and bad scheduling. she says i'm domesticated now, LOL), but we did go here:

this is proof that i actually hung out with them, lol.

i actually DID wake up EARLY for them!!

next week is my birthday weekend :) a bunch of us are heading up to the boy's cabin for the weekend, and the two of us are staying several extra days. i even have a couple of friends driving up from so-cal, so i'm super duper excited!

have a good one :)


Pound said…
don't leave me your phone number there la dee dah!
love the l/o, and what moving again???!!! jeeeez!
Jill said…
OH, the gloriousness of it all! P&J is AWESOMETASTIC!
~Sasha Farina~ said…
Your LO's always make me sooooooooo happy!! good luck with the move, darlin'!
amy lapi said…
ahh i love your layouts.
next week is my birthday weekend too! too bad we can't cele-scrap together :(
lOve the guitar heroes
Trude said…
Hooray for more scrappy inspiration! :) Hope you have tons of fun on your bday - looking forward to the photos!
amazing pages... check.
moving... check (i sent you a birth announcement and it came back to me.)

birthday. super check. hope its the BEST and you guys have a super time at the cabin!

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