don't wake me up i plan on sleeping in...

okay, so finals are over, and so is all the memorial day craziness. which brings us to my birthday, which is in 8 days. which also means, i get greedy :) heh.

nikon d90. yes, this was also on my christmas list. yes, still wishful thinking, i know.

yes, i want the YELLOW one. yes, this is another repeat from the christmas list. (sheesh, apparently i didn't get anything i want for christmas - HA).

cute summery tops. some examples:

1)forever 21. 2)forever 21. 3)forever 21. 4)forever 21 (see where this is going?) 5) forever 21. 6)forever 21. 7)old navy. 8)target. 9)target. (anything similar to any of these will suffice).

summery dresses (notice a theme here?)...some examples:

1)target (i tweeted about this one the other day). 2)forever 21 3)forever 21. 4)old navy.

this skirt. i think i like the green one the most?

a prime lens in the 20-30mm range. i can't use my 50 for "stick your arm out" photos, nor can i use the tamron because it's too heavy. this one is 30mm f1.8.

concert tickets/ticketmaster giftcards. i really want to see death cab for cutie and/or wilco this summer...

a planner. something simple, unfussy, with lots of room to write in. i lost mine somewhere along the way from so-cal to norcal. i like the ones from paperchase (borders).

this gloss. i love it so, and i'm just about out.

a crockpot. i might actually be inspired to *gasp* cook once in awhile. then my mother (and the boy too, actually) can stop nagging me about eating healthier and blah blah blah...

a summery purse or just a roomy bag that's not tooooo huge. these are just some examples. (i also saw someone on the muni today with a printed yellow and grey purse, and i thought "i would really like a purse like that. but i can't find any. it kinda reminded me of this and this) 1)target. 2)payless. 3)gap. 4)anthro.

(i also am in DESPERATE need of a new wallet, lol)

cool necklaces and earrings. i started making another collage, but then i got lazy. but this site has cuuuuute stuff.

that is all :) lol


ek said…
I almost bought that green skirt on Friday and I've been dreaming about it ever since...
Pound said…
aLL cute! i think i'd want either the ipod or 30mm (realistically, the d90 might not happen lol)
Trude said…
I was just thinking how I should hit up F-21, so thanks for enabling! :) I totally want to upgrade my camera body too, and add in a wide-angle. I have a 24-75 zoom, but once you go prime it's hard to use anything else!
amy lapi said…
omg this kills me. my bday is just a few days after yours, and i have a VERY similar blog post/birthday list in the works!! hehehe.

happy, happy!
lisa dickinson said…
you've totally made me want to go shop :) hope you gets lots of these goodies for the bday!!
Myra said…
But I'd trade it all for a little more...(mr. Burns)
Hope your BD fairy comes. ;)

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