country roads, take me home

we snuck off to the cabin for a little bit last weekend. the weather was perfect (although not quite warm enough to play in the lake), we ate too much (mmmm...homemade lasagna. and strawberry shortcakes!), watched a bunch of harry potter movies (getting sooo excited for the new one to come out!), hiked around the lake, and had a lovely time.

i always really enjoy these cabin trips...the first time the idea was proposed, i remember thinking "you want me to go to the boonies for five whole days?! are you sure i'm not going to get bored?" lol. we are in the middle of planning another trip for my birthday weekend (which is in...23 days? yikes), and are inviting several friends to come along. should be good times :)

there's just something kinda nice being away from busy city life and being in the middle of nowhere (well. sort of), isn't there?

(those two pictures were actually taken on the drive home from a previous trip)


Anonymous said…
yay for weekend getaways (and impending birthday celebrations!) :)
Trude said…
So gorgeous. It's a good sign you weren't bored! :)

(And my pink dress is from H&M. Get it while you still can!)
looks like cool times
~Sasha Farina~ said…
those photos.. look so serene. i would love to be there.. you both are so happy together... it's rubbing off me :D

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