you say tomato, i say to-mah-to

once upon a time, the boy had this chair. it originally came from the cabin, and was in the living room of the apartment he shared with linda. when he moved back home, the chair ended up in his TV room.

my friends had a liking for this chair. elaine slept in it one night. amy came up to visit with me once and was amused by it. she always asked me about the chair afterwards.

a little while ago, the chair went into storage.

i barely have any furniture, and my room seemed really bare. so today, i inherited the chair:

amy called it my "throne." haha. i love this thing. it's the one happy-colored thing in my room right now!


Jill said…
It looks comfy!
i see the chair as being perfect for photos.
Trude said…
Ditto what they said. :) Put a teal knit throw over the back, you've got yourself a portrait session set! :D

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