we'll no longer memorize or rhyme

it's my blog-versary :) i've been blogging for 4 years now! yikes.

so...i've been trying to build a little photography portfolio, and i had a shoot today. this is rakhee. she was super fun. it was SUPER WINDY today, but we just went with it.

a couple of favorites from the day. i've still got 394320483204 pictures to go through.

anyways. if you (or someone you know) are in the bay area, and wouldn't mind being a guinea pig for me taking pictures of you, shoot me an e-mail.

one of my roomies bought a tv for the living room today. our apartment is starting to have all of the necessities now, lol.

and i am hoping for the wind to go away. why, oh why, is it back?!

have a good one :)


Anonymous said…
stunning photos, my dear! (and i'm digging your new orange throne, too!)
Kristi said…
Happy Blogiversary! My 4-years was last week too! Great photo shoot
Pound said…
dang 4 yrs???
and yay for a shins title :D
i miss our shins obsession chats.
great pics!
Amy Hummel said…
The wind is blowing here too! What's with that?!
Ori said…
i'm in the bay area (san jose) and would be willing to have you photo shoot my kids as guinea pigs... :)
DanelleB said…
Hey Caroline... I am in Livermore, about 50 miles east of you. I never take pictures of myself, so if you want a guinea pig just let me know. I can take BART and meet ya in the city.
Jenni said…
THose look awesome!!! SO excited to get ours done! Hope the rain doesn't ruin it for us...I think it's suppose to stop in the pm on Saturday! Crossing my fingers!
Anne said…
Awesome pics! Ok, why couldn't you ask for guinea pigs way you were down in socal? Would have been all over that! :)

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