i'm movin' on...

i moved in here today:

my roommate search at my old place completely failed, so i was stuck having to find a new place. let's just say, apartment-hunting is completely awesome...NOT!

one little story/rant from my search:

there's this apartment complex right next to school. it's really not that awesome and rent is really expensive, but it's right next to school, so a bunch of students live there. i'd been noticing on craigslist that a lot of people are renting out their living rooms in these apartments, because rent is quite high here for some reason (seriously, you can get a decent room a little further from campus for the same price as SHARING a room here. in a more interesting part of the city). i waslooking for a cheap place, and i was desperate to find a place ASAP, so i figure it can't hurt to e-mail these people. besides, it would hopefully be a short-term lease, so i can get out of it if i really, really hate it. people are about to start moving out soon, anyway.

so i was supposed to check out this living room on a tuesday. the guy living in the apartment told me to call him when i'm close. i did when i was about 10 minutes away. no answer. i call again when i'm about a block away. a guy who sounds like he just woke up answers the phone. i'm thinking this is sort of strange, but it's about noon, and some college students DO sleep in until noon, so i'm like whatever. anyways. i tell said guy, "i'm caroline and i'm here to see the room," to which he replies "we rented it out this morning, sorry." um, what? THANKS FOR TELLING ME YOU *#&(@!&#(*#TARD. STRIKE ONE. this was the first appointment i had, and it was NOT a good start to my search. i call the boy, rant, and head back home. i'm especially busy that day and have 5928058230482304 things to do.

two days later i find an e-mail from him saying that the room is open again, and since he feels bad, if i'm a good fit for it, he'll give it to me for the very cheap price of $470. i think it can't hurt, so i say i can come check it out tomorrow (friday). he tells me to show up around 2. my wifi is down for some reason, and i try to go to two libraries to use theirs so i can check my e-mail, but all the libraries apparently open late on fridays. GRR. i call him on my way there to ask him for his address again, since i sort of remember where to go but don't remember what the exact address was. i tell him i'll be there in 5 minutes. i get to his building. i call him to tell him i'm here. no answer. call again. no answer again. this happens 2 more times. you have GOT to be kidding me. it's f-ing freezing and WINDY outside and i'm about to get blown away. STRIKE TWO. i'm pretty irritated at this point. finally, he picks up. again, he sounds like he just woke up, and sounds really out of it and kinda seems aloof, so the mental image in my head is of this white guy who's also a stoner. not my ideal roommate.

anyways. the guy tells me it's 8238. i'm thinking that's his apartment number. some guy happened to be walking out of the building and opens the door for me (you need a security code to get in), and i head up to the eighth floor. there is no 8238 - all the doors have letters on them. i'm really confused. i get back on the elevator to go back to the lobby. luckily, a security guard is in there, so i ask him where the 8238 is. he tells me that all the apartments here are a number followed by a letter (i.e. 2A), so i need to call this guy back. when i do, he tells me he lives in 10J. welllllll...THANKS FOR TELLING ME YOUR APARTMENT NUMBER YOU *#&!(#&!(#&TARD. STRIKE THREE.

i get to 10J. i knock on the door. no answer. i ring the doorbell. no answer. SERIOUSLY?! ...aaaaand YOU HAVE BEEN SHUNNED. i ring it again, and the door opens. the BOY (yes, not guy. basically boy) who opens it is not the white stoner i'd envisioned, but this asian kid who looks to be about 16. he later told me that he was a sophomore, but he looked super duper young. he mentions that two freshmen live there. at this point, i feel so OLD. even before i find this out, i've pretty much decided that i don't want that living room, no matter how cheap it is.

the living room was actually not bad. spacious enough, nice light, great views of lake merced and even of the ocean on a clear day. but seriously. that kid needs to pull it together if he's ever going to rent that room out.

but this, folks, is why apartment hunting blows.

i ended up taking a room in the same apartment complex. i found a cheap room for about the same price that most people in this building pay to share a room. the room is bigger than my old room, and i have a closet (no more crashing garment rack. hooray!) the only problem is that the lease ends on may 31, so there's a strong possibility that i'll be moving again after all that. argh. but i have a place lined up should that happen, so all will be good.

so...the fire alarm in the building is currently going off. i peeked outside to see if anyone was evacuating, but everyone seems to still be in their rooms, but i hear sirens. what to do? hmmm...of course this happens the first night i move in, right?

i leave you with some layouts i did for the mid-month garden on two peas, which went up last night. two of them are digi!

have a good one :)


Trude said…
Man, I despise moving, let alone hunting in the first place, so I feel your pain. Good thing you found out they were young dorks sooner rather than later!

I'm lovin those new pages. Mine lately seriously need a color injection, so thanks for the inspiration! (and we still do the egg hunt too, even though the youngest cousin is 19 this year) :)
charisse. said…
Just started following your blog & Caroline, this post cracked me up! I was reading it @ 6am this morning while nursing my son ... what a crazy asian BOY! thanks for sharing your story! & hopefully everything works out!!
Ashley said…
Omg. What a disaster. Too bad he wasn't really hot... that would almost make up for him being a complete ass.
Michelle said…
Yup! Apartment hunting sucks!

Glad to hear that you've already got another one lined up! :)
Jill said…
Apartment hunting sounds completely frightening to me! You are one brave chica, I'll give you that!

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