i don't know why i can't keep my eyes off of you

spring break is over, i'm back in san francisco, and it's been busy. i'm having to look for a new place ASAP and it's been frustrating. grrr. the rest of my break was nice, and the cabin was nice. the weather has been lovely over here in SF since i got back though!

anyways. just sharing my garden layouts for you :) this month's garden is FABULOUS - go check it out!

this month's theme was stamping - soooo not my thing, but i do love stamping with empty toilet paper rolls. hehe :)

new product focus - this new baby stuff from little yellow bicycle is soooo cute. and i made it work on an all about me page!

have a good one :)

p.s. how is it APRIL already?!?!?


Jill said…
There's genius in those nuances -- as always!
~Sasha Farina~ said…
awesome works as always! :)
Pound said…
cool l/o!!
Maria said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE your layouts!!! :-)

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