digi KI

did you see that KI came out with some new KI came out with some new digital collections? me+KI+digi = swoooooon. i couldn't resist playing with some of it soon after i saw it!

i love that they have the old pieces of me and colorful lines in there, so i can print them out and use them again! yay! they also have some new, digi-only love elsie stuff. and they have a ton of super fun brushes, which i used on the above LO. exciting, exciting :)

this has been a crazy, busy, hectic, and stressful week. i'm in the process of finding a new place, and have tentatively found a place. it all hinges on someone taking the other room they're renting out, but looks good so far. fingers crossed. i've also had a bunch of things due this week, and i feel like i've constantly been running around and on the go, too. looking forward to my weekend...and BREATING. we're planning to go to zachary's. i've been craving it AGAIN!

have a good one :)


~Sasha Farina~ said…
i didn't know!! now I do! thanks to you.. and this is awesome!
ek said…
When I saw the digi KI stuff I was excited to see some of my old fav stuff!!
Anonymous said…
Love love love what you did with the KI... so fun and colourful! I saw it and fell in love, but I hardly ever digi-scrap, so I didn't buy right away... but now you have me tempted again! :)

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