i've got platinum vision and a tin foil touch

starting to go through some of my photos from the last month or so, and figured i should share, since it's been a loooong while since i did a photo post :)

the valentine's window display at macy's. i loved it, so i took a picture. it also happened to inspired this layout, which i did for the garden at two peas this month.

ocean beach/land's end trail. on that particular day, i wanted to be outdoors...it was a nice day. i was planning to go to the tulip garden at golden gate park, but instead got lost, gave up, and headed to the beach. i've done this part of the trail before, but it's nice during sundown. i've also only done about 1/3 of it. if you keep going, it takes you near the legion of honor, and a bit further, and there's a second part of the trail which takes you to the bridge. one of these days, i'm planning to do the whole thing.

another ocean beach sunset shot.

i was looking forward to dine about town (restaurant week) festivities since before i moved. the boy and i decided on lunch at butterfly, which was along the waterfront. everything was delicious, but the best thing by far was this chocolate souffle for dessert. heavenly.

i have the fortune of being done at noon on tuesdays, which is awesome because i can take advantage of the free museum admissions on the first tuesday of the month. last month, i headed over to the deyoung museum. the best part was the view from the observation deck in the towers. i happened to be there on one of the rare clear days in san francisco, and the view was stunning.

these hearts were part of a public arts project...they were scattered throughout the city, and there were a few at union square. this one was probably my favorite.

i love all the fun little stores in japantown...i loved the colorfulness of these pens. i ignored the "no photography" sign and snuck in this photo.

i haven't explored dessert places in the city as much as i'd like, but i did stop by kara's. good stuff. :)

that is all for now :)

tomorrow, i head off into the boonies. woot. although i've got a million things to do by then....ahhhhh....

have a good one :)


em said…
Oooh I had a BAD experience at Kara's when we were in SF!! Totally rude employee...we ended up leaving without anything because I just can't patronize places with disrespectful employees!! I was sad though...really wanted a cupcake!
hi carol, i just loved this scrap page that you did. may i know what paper is the one on the top most page? the most clourful one of the lot.
Kristi said…
Love your photos :)
Pound said…
nice pics... i want those desserts!
Caroline said…
snazzy - it's from american crafts and part of the moda bella line. i love it :)
~Sasha Farina~ said…
boohooo. . . i wanna go back there!! i wanna go back there. . . so many things to do, so much yummies to eat... !!

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