home sweet home

i'm on back in so-cal for a week (until friday). i flew into LAX friday afternoon, and have spent the weekend catching up with the fam and friends. it's surprisingly cool here (by LA standards, i mean. this is normal to warm-ish back in SF), but my allergies are being driven nuts by the LA air. ick.

anyways. yesterday, we went to portos (a must-have of course), and then to the americana, where we stood in front of two walls for 20 minutes to take a gazillion pictures. good times :)

ahhhh, i've missed these girls.

today, i hung out with amy and went to target for the first time in TWO MONTHS. the downside of living in the city is that there is no target (there is one not so far away, but it's a paint to get there using public transportation. pfffft). of course, i managed to spend more than i'd planned to - but the way i look at it, i've been saving more money by not having access to a target for 2 months, right? LOL.

more adventures to come in the coming days. while i'm here, i also plan to get a haircut...i'm thinking of going short-ish, but we'll see. also to follow is probably a ton of food, accompanied by a ton of pictures.

have a good one...happy spring! :)


HI!Caroline nice blog.
emily kate said…
I hear ya about Target in the city. I have to go to Brooklyn or the Bronx to go to Target and getting it home afterward is such a pain. Plus the Targets are so picked over here. When I went home to Utah for Christmas I went nuts at Target, haha!
~Sasha Farina~ said…
a ton of food, a ton of photos, some good friends.. what more can u ask for? :)
no target? seriously?! wow. breaks my heart.

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