eenie meenie miney

i'm indecisive, so i figured i'd give this a try...i'm scheduled for a haircut tomorrow, and really have NO idea how to get it done (really, i could live with what i have right now, but i figured i should just get it done while i'm here). so, here are my (many) options -

a friend pointed this out to me, and i liked it because i've been styling my hair wavy these days (it takes less time than straightening. who knew?). but, straightened out it looks kind of like this - looks so much cuter wavy.

i really don't like paramore (especially after i got moshed at a show where they happened to be performing)...but i love hayley's hair. my hair is a bit thicker than hers, but this one seems much more manageable and do-able than her other cut (when she had the orange hair). and did i tell you i really like it?

this is supercute. i was wanting something longer though, because i like to be able to throw my hair up whenever i'm too lazy to do it (which is more often than i'd like, lol. but i'm getting better at it). i wonder if it would look good if it was shoulder length-ish, or just above the shoulders?

i wish i could see the front, but i like it from the side.

i was flipping through marie claire for inspiration, and noticed a picture of natasha bedingfield and liked her hair. so i googled this.

hilary duff. i like the bangs.

lastly -

i've asked for that cut a couple of times, and i've always liked it (i tend to really like mandy moore's hair). it works for me, but really, i think i should try something new, don't you?



Michelle said…
LOVE the first one and it still looks great straightened! :) That's my fave... and hayley's would be a close second. :)

Hope you'll post pics when you've had them cut!

I'm itching to cut mine but kinda wanting to grow it out at the same time... oh the dilemma!
~Sasha Farina~ said…
i love the first one! so fresh and young and carefree and so YOU :) Happy choosing!
heidi said…
I like Sophia Bush's hair & Julia Stiles' hair -- both are great!! Can't wait to see what you decide on :)
holy cow. theyre ALL so cute. i cannot WAIT to see what you do!
Donna Brisbois said…
I love the one from the side view...looks like it has bangs too & you could style it forward as shown or back away from your face too. I liked it better than the others because it was different & unique

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