come on it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you

it's a pretty known fact that as a california girl (especially born and raised in southern california), i don't see snow. like, ever.

so i was pretty excited when we showed up at the cabin, and noticed snow on the ground. (actually, at first it was a huge nuisance because we couldn't even get into the driveway!)

yeah. SNOW. in the MIDDLE OF MARCH.

apparently, it was really cold last weekend and snowed a bunch. most of it was gone, but there was a bunch left on the ground in shaded areas. there were some parts of town that still looked very winter-y. luckily, the weather was actually kind of warm-ish (i think upper 50s or lower 60s), so we were actually able to enjoy it!

i HAD to take one of these "throwing snow up in the air" shots. actually, many of them. hee.

i told the boy to make me a snowman, and he came up with this 5 inch version. i said "THAT'S IT?!"

we also went back to big trees one day...we've been going there the last few times we've gone up to the cabin. we went in december, and it was sunny. we go in the middle of march and we get a winter wonderland. we actually ended up hiking in the was slippery but quite cool.

(i almost slipped when i went to go set the self-timer for this shot. oops.)

we were saying how we wished we had thought to bring sleds because it was perfect for sledding. oh well. now we know that big trees will be covered in snow a week after the fact.



Pound said…
um, that's a snowman? :D
LOVE the pic of the two of you!
Anonymous said…
love your wintery pics in spring! :)
Vee said…
love your pics :)this weather is crazy!

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