and so it goes...

hi :)

i have a computer again!!!!

i finally feel like i'm a fully functioning person again. sort of. ha.

i have a bunch of pictures to share with y'all eventually, including ones from alcatraz and sonoma, but since i haven't gone through them yet, that'll have to wait.

for now, i wanted to share this with you -

i hosted the weekly challenge over at two peas this week. it's to mix up your alphas, because i'm sure we all have those half-used sheets lying around, right? hope you play along :)

so i ended up not having to move after all. which means that i'm in the process of looking for roommates. which can be interesting, i guess. lol.

the boy's birthday is next weekend, so we're taking off to the cabin again. i'm really looking forward to it. a week after that, my spring break starts, so i'm flying home to so-cal. i haven't been back since i got here, so i'm looking forward to that, too. except for the smog. lol. spring break means that half my semester is over and that i will have been up here for 2 months already...sheesh, time just keeps on flying.

have a good one :)


Elisa said…
Love this LO, Caroline!
Jill said…
Your food photos always make me so hungry!
Tracey said…
What a fabulous layout Caroline!
Pound said…
cool l/o....
and finally the world is back to normal... you're on gchat all day again :D
lisa dickinson said…
ok, first, i love the page :)

second, my boy has a bday next weekend, too. looking forward to a yummy dinner out (and plan to take photos of the food, just like you!) :)

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