you'll be the prince and i'll be the princess

my days up here in the bay area have been quite eventful.

for the first time, i decided to fly virgin and fly into SFO instead of oakland, which was interesting. i walked into the terminal at LAX and almost missed the virgin counters because they were tables that looked like an information desk, then walked into the boarding area, which looked like a convention center.

then i was annoyed to discover that my flight was delayed for an hour. this was because of the crazy san francisco fog -

it took me longer than expected to get here, but after i did, off we went to zachary's...

tuesday, i decided to take advantage of free admission at the SF MOMA. they had some cool stuff, like lichenstein pieces -

they also had a room with these cool geometric mirror sculptures.

i swear i stood in front of these for about 20 minutes trying to get a cool reflected self-portrait of myself, but it didn't happen.

the special exhibit at the MOMA right now is participation art, and a part of that was the 1000 journals project. i was super excited to discover this, because about 2 summers ago, linda organized a circle journal group based on it. it was awesome to be able to see the originals, and partake in the project too (they had several journals taped up to the wall, and had a bunch of markers and colored pencils so you could add your own piece to the books).

i've been wandering the streets of berkeley a lot, and i love the fact that the trees still look like fall here. so pretty.

tonight is my last night here, but i'm excited because:
a) a couple of friends from home are flying up to celebrate linda's birthday, and we are going out tonight.
and b) i'm going to orlando tomorrow to hang out with the DD girls!! i'm looking forward to the warm'll be 20 degrees warmer than it is here right now. what i'm NOT looking forward to is my 6:50 a.m. flight...this morning, i realized that the sun isn't even out at that hour!

have a good one :)


Pound said…
i'm so jealous you got to see 1000 journals!!!!! i signed up for some journals like 5 yrs ago and i'm still waiting in "line." riiight.

well i like our journals better. well, i *think* i'll like mine... if i ever get it back lol.

and you missed the earthquake! but so did ethan, and he was 2 ft. away from me lol.
i am jealous of all your traveling! send some warm weather my way, wouldja???
~Sasha Farina~ said…
urmm... i need to go back to SFO soon! miss that place and so many places to visit!
Jocelyn said…
1000 journals sounds amazing- it's awesome that you got to see it. and for some reason that pizza looks soooooo good.
Queen of Paper said…
How fun! lucky!!! PS I love the tree photo. It's soooo pretty!

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