this is because i can spell confusion with a k

so...i'll be a bit out of order for a while.

let me explain. the other morning, while walking out of the room to get my coffee, i tripped over my power cord AGAIN and completely wrecked my computer. I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THAT. ugh. i am currently on my mom's friend's mini laptop (which measures about 9"x6" lol) as a temporary solution.

ack. do you know how hard it is to scan (actually. scanning is close to impossible)/format images of your projects when you don't have proper image editing software installed on your computer?! especially when you have deadlines looming. argh. paint is an absolute headache. but thank goodness for picknick on flickr.

anyhow. these are all from the other day...BEFORE i broke my computer. i realized that i live about 12 blocks from golden gate park and walked over the other day. it was about 30 minutes, and a bit hilly, which makes for good exercise. i was there in the late afternoon, which had some pretty, glowy light, so i experimented with sun flare!

afternoon @ ggp
(27/365) afternoon @ ggp
afternoon @ ggp
afternoon @ ggp + HBW!!

in other KI box arrived this morning, and i promptly sat down and played with the new stuff. this is for this week's blog challenge, which is to scraplift yourself!


those photos are just lovely. as is the layout. and sorry about the comp. that sucks bigtime.
Katrina said…
beautiful pics! I adore that park...
Shan said…
came from another blog b/c saw your title and love that song. like your layouts!
Jill said…
Gorgeous photos!
~Sasha Farina~ said…
shucks! sorry abt your puter!!! amazing photos though! :) *hugs*
Jill said…
Hi Caroline! I just wanted to stop by to say that I saw your gorgeously gorgeous layouts in the Garden at Two Peas. Beautiful stuff!
Cindy F said…
Gorgeous pics. Congrats on 2Ps GG and Prima! Love your style.
Congrats on Prima too!
Janinek said…
huge congrats on Prima DT and I can't wait to start working with you.
Davinie said…
I want you to know I have been harassing you in private and am totally sad that you can't even pop in to defend yourself. LOL!
I hope everything is going well up North! How is it, seeing each other all the time?
Elisabeth said…
Amazing...! Beautiful pics ! WOW !
I really love your blog !

Elisabeth from Montreal XxX
Amy said…
Hi Caroline! I am so excited about being on the Prima DT with you! I am such a huge fan and absolutely swoon over your style! Look forward to getting to know you! :D
You are really great on the photography! They are adorable. I really like your blog. It is so inspiring. Thanks for the look!

BR/ Monica at

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