i've been here for a month

thoughts after living in san francisco for one month....

* i've been making waaaay too much coffee. i'm surprised i'm not bouncing off the walls every day. i've also been using TONS of creamer.

* living along a MUNI route, while hella (omg, am i really using that word? sheesh, norcal person already) convenient, is also hella noisy.

* i've realized that i'll probably get LOTS of exercise while living here, especially because there are plenty of hills. well, that, and there are actually a bunch of walking routes to cool destinations, i.e. the beach, golden gate park, this cool recreation area haven't been to yet.

* i am realizing that i should've brought a rice cooker. i really am asian after all. luckily, the boy made a bunch and brought it over today.

* i miss living really close to a target. why is it a PITA to get to daly city?!

* i need a better solution for storing my scrapbooking stuff. storage bins/boxes are not really very efficient.

* i don't miss LA smog.

* i forgot to bring my dodgers shirt. i guess it would've been pointless to have it to wear to dodgers/giants games anyway, because it would be hiding under 5 other layers because AT&T park is so FREEZING. i guess it's a good thing i brought my dodgers blanket, then.

* berkeley IS kinda far. although i must remember that 20-ish miles sure beats 400. however, i do go over there when i'm craving zachary's.

* trader joes has the best packaged meals ever.

* i feel old in class. oh wait, i AM old.

* free first tuesday of the month museum admission + me having tuesday afternoons free = happy me. where to go this tuesday?

* space heaters are awesome. i'd freeeeeze at night without one. it's been pretty warm (by SF standards) in the afternoon, though.

* i'm moving. AGAIN. and then another time after that. oy vey.

* when it's nice outside, i like to do my reading/homework outside. at a park or beach or somewhere similar.

* 65 is warm now. 50 is still cold.

* i have yet to explore most of this city. so many places to go...

* it still rains every time the boy and i try to go somewhere. some things just never change, do they?

* i've been reading a lot lately (for pleasure). this is a combination of the fact that i'm still computerless and the fact that SF library rocks.

* no computer = i feel out of touch with the world.

* i freaking love this place.


May said…
How did I not realize you're up in my neck of the woods now??? If you ever want a britex fabrics (oh the trim and buttons...) buddy or wanna meet up in Berkley or venture out here (towards sac) for scrapbooking or whatever let me know!
Trude said…
Hooray for the independent life! So awesome you're lovin' it, but not so awesome that you still have to move again. Ick.
Pound said…
you better bring that dodgers gear to pac bell!! and when are you getting a comp?!!
Amy Christine said…
i hadn't thought about the lack of targets in the city. i'm considering applying to pharmacy school there, but man... no target!? ah well... it would probably still be worth it to be able to live there. :]
i miss you. and why the hell are you moving again!?!
ivwhy said…
found you through the prima blog & saw you moved to SF! i am originally from there (the "sunset" district) and miss it dearly. i am in irvine now. so i will peek in now & then on your blog to see & be jealous of where you venture to in the city. you gotta try san tung on irving......run by the mom & her sons.
love your style BTW!
~Sasha Farina~ said…
stop it! i miss SFO! need to visit soon.. boohoo!

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