i can't remember when the earth turned slowly

it's quite chilly tonight. brrrr. my "living room" (where the TV is) has a huge window/glass door and it's freeeeezing in there.


studio calico reveal night was today. my last one :( i hung out in the chatroom for a couple of hours...some good times. had lots of laughs. heee.

here are my projects -

lovedlovedloved this kit. i want to marry it. i love the color combinations and the cherrry blossoms and that fortune paper....everything!
the rest of the DT gallery is quite amazing.

have a good one :)


love the blossoms
scrapyoga said…
fabulous layouts! Congrats on the garden girl gig!!! And your awesome move to SF!!! I love SF and plan to take the girls there soon!!! Enjoy all your new journeys!
beautiful! duh. ;)
Candice P.J. said…
LOVE the "NOTE TO SELF" layout the best!
Oh, and to fight the cold, you could make one of those long bean-bag things that go on the bottom of the door to keep the warm air in! I made one for my house and it made ALL the difference in the world!
ps you should post some more pics of your new place!
Chris Dodaj said…
Beautiful layouts, as always Caroline!
I'm so bummed you aren't going to be designing for SC anymore but hope you pop in from time to time and show off your beautiful pages!
Good luck in SF!!
Jill said…
Gorgeous pages, Caroline. It's bittersweet, though -- you'll be so missed at SC!
Queen of Paper said…
You rocked this kit. I was sad I didn't see you at CHA. I even went to the Tuesday dinner. Oh well, next time ;)
mtfalco said…
Love the journaling on your second post... reminded me of my 'good ol' days.. ' :) Enjoy it!
april said…
hey girl! just popped over to see how you were doing and noticed that things on the computer front aren't going too well :)
Hope you get it fixed promptly, so we can see more of your work.
Loved your gallery layouts, and we miss you so much already!
amy lapi said…
love the layouts !! :)

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