he’s the only one that would think to tell it that way

orlando was amazing.

i'm still processing and reliving the past weekend - 33 of us from the designer digitals team gathered at disney world for 3 days. i'd met some of the girls before, but there were many more that i met for the first time that weekend.

being in florida and at disney world for the first time was fun, but what made the weekend truly special was the connection i felt with these women. we'd known each other online, but something truly magical happened when we all gathered and met "IRL." we're all so diverse - from different parts of the country (and even around the world!), and different ages, but none of that mattered. it's hard to explain and put into worlds, but i seriously had an amazing time.

unfortunately, i ended up passing through 6 airports and was on 5 planes in 6 days, so i came home absolutely exhausted (and came home quite upset because i lost my ipod on the plane. grrr). because of this, i still have to go through and edit most of my 600-ish photos (i am following through on my "take more pictures this year" goal, aren't i?)...so those will just have to be a separate post!

i probably should've stayed in florida for an extra day, and joined some of the girls who flew in on thursday...but i had to celebrate linda's birthday ;)

her, judy and kenneth flew up from so-cal to celebrate in san francisco. we had dinner and drinks at the poleng lounge, and everything was awesome...especially the sweet potato fries. and the sisig. and okay, well, everything. it was a fun evening - even though we hit traffic driving back to the east bay and got home at 12:30...the following morning, i made the boy drive me to the airport at 5:30. oh well, good times and worth it :)


Lauren said…
Your Disney layout is wonderful! I love the colors that you use with the gold..Very pretty!!
Sounds like you are one busy lady!!
Hope you get to relax a little, now..
Have a great day!
Jenni said…
What a fun trip! Love that LO you did Caroline!! SO cute!
Jenni(jgj27) from SC
Pound said…
duuude you lost your ipod???? =(

disney sounds fun, is it better than ours?!
myra said…
love love love your disney lo! miss you already roomie!

the bright side about the ipod is that you have an excuse to upgrade!
Nicole said…
that layout is GORGEOUS.

just so you know, lol.
Rita said…
Fabulous Disney LO! Love the bright colors and grid design!
mtfalco said…
oh, the chef at poleng is a close family friend! I hope you enjoyed your celebration there. Sounds like DW was a cool trip. :)
Gretchen said…
that's so weird...i was at Disney too this past weekend. crap that i did not know you were there or run into you!

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