forget yesterday, we'll make the great escape

i'm moved in!!

settling in here and exploring my surroundings. i've unpacked most of my stuff (my scrapbooking stuff is still in storage bins and will probably stay in there) room is smaller than the one i had back home, but it works. i'm living with a family friend, who has this commercial space downstairs in their used to be a chiropractic there's a sink in my room and i also have no closet. i solved that problem by buying a garment rack from target...except it kept crashing down about 5 times in the last 24 hours. i think i've solved the problem now, though :) they're in the process of converting this space into a residential space, so i eventually will have roommates, a shower in my own restroom (i currently have to go upstairs to shower) and a stove.

i live right along a MUNI (light rail) route, which is very convenient, but the noise takes some getting used to, lol.

i've been walking around the neighborhood, checking out what's around...have been yelping the eateries in the neighborhood, and will eventually venture into them :) lots of good hole-in-the-wall type places. i also noticed that i could see the ocean from my place, and discovered that it's about 20 blocks away. so, i took a walk there's only about 20 minutes. hooray :) there's also a cool recreation area/park a few blocks away...will venture over there in the next few days.

i love san francisco :)


Pound said…
at least you have your own sink!! :P
Je said…
I love these new beginnings! :)
Jill said…
I'm glad to hear that you're adjusting! I can't wait to see the foodie pics that you're sure to be posting sometime soon.
jo said…
Welcome to the Bay Area! :) I hardly ever get out to SF now, I love seeing it through your eyes. :)
that is awesome. i am so excited for you and everything. eep.
~Sasha Farina~ said…
ocean??!! AYKM!!??? how awesome is that!

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