and now i'm ready to be extraordinary...

as i watched the inauguration festivities this morning with the rest of the nation (gave me chills), all this talk about change and new beginnings has me contemplating all the changes going on in my life this week.

in a few days, i'll be here....

okay, that's nothing new. i'm always up in norcal. but unlike all the other times, i will be living there.

whoa, what?

over the summer, i decided to switch my major to graphic design. i know this will just add more years to my already-taking-too-long-schooling, but it just felt right. i also took that major change as an opportunity to look into transferring into a school up in the bay area. if not now, then when, right?

if you've followed my blog for a while, you've come to know how much i've fallen in love with the bay area, and especially san francisco, over the 2 years or so. it's so weird, because i really was not a fan of san francisco the first time i visited, which was when i was, like, 12. it was too cold for wimpy, so-cal me ;) but then we took a trip up there for labor day in 2006. i completely fell in love. i fell in love more and more every subsequent visit after that, and it was getting harder to leave (although, there may have been multiple reasons for that, eh?). so to say that i'm EXCITED about this move is an understatement.

i am so excited to live in the city, and to be surrounded by all that san francisco has to offer. san francisco is such a beautiful, charming, eclectic place. i've seen plenty in the city, but i love that there is so much more to explore and so much more to discover. of course, being 20-ish miles away from the boy, instead of 400, is a huge plus ;) we've been making plans for things to do, places to's so fun because we won't run out of time and can fit everything in now!

i'm nervous at the same time, being on my own for the first time, away from the familiar comforts of home. i'm always worrying about how i'm going to make it work, but i guess this is just all part of it.

of course, this means that i will be stuck in GIANTS territory. i guess i'll just have to be a lone dodgers fan in the bay area :) hee.

unfortunately, this also means i won't be at CHA this year. i'll miss walking around and looking at all the fabulous new product, and seeing everyone!

eventful month for me, no?


Katrina said…
Wow! So happy for you...I would love to live in SF. Congrats on this new adventure.
Amy Coose said…
Wow, you have had quite the month! Would this move have anything to do with a certain cutie patootie boy???? (: I'm so happy for ya!
nichole said…
that is so exciting, c!
what a month! i'm thrilled for you & all this goodness that's coming your way! much deserved my friend!
all grown up. all grown up. wishing you all the best of luck in your new home!!
nadine jenine said…
dude! that's awesome! you are so perfect for graphic design!
*reyanna klein* said…
OH, man! I can't BELIEVE you won't be at CHA! Darn! Okay, I'm actually *not* a crazy stalker. :p I just wanted to meet some SC people. :) And you know... you're awesome. :)

But because I have been following your blog for like... a year or so... maybe longer. Hmmm... anywho... I do know that you love NorCal, so I'm stoked for you!

I do love San Francisco. We lived in Sonoma County for nine months, and we really took advantage of enjoying the area. :) You guys should head up there when you get a chance.

The Jack London State Park (in Glen Ellen) is SO cool... with lots of photo opps (and let me know if you go because there's one photo that I'm kicking myself for not getting...) and neat things to see. :)

And I'm so happy that you get to be closer to the boy! Yay! :)
mtfalco said…
Welcome to the neighborhood... even if you are a dodgers fan. ;) Best wishes for your new adventure!
Carrie said…
Caorline...I'm so excited for you. You're right in that if you don't do it now, when will you. Follow your dreams & heart. You are doing the right thing. Graphic design is right up your alley. Best of luck with your move!
pakosta said…
wow ! congrats girlie!!! and congrats on GG too! well deserved!
~Sasha Farina~ said…
beautiful, charming, eclectic --->> you took those words out of my mouth. I said exactly that to DH when we were there last year and can't wait to go back!!! *hugs* you'll be okay, I just know it :)
Pound said…
zomg don't get your ass kicked at pac bell pk! although dodger fans are more violent than giants fans HAHA. i'll hold down the fort for you here at chavez ravine. <3

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